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Finding Free eBooks & eAudiobooks

What are eBooks & eAudiobooks?

eBooks and eAudiobooks are digital -- or electronic -- books and audiobooks. You read or listen to digital copies of a book on a home computer, laptop, tablet, mobile device, or eReader.

eBooks and eAudiobooks can be purchased, checked out from a library website, or downloaded for free on the internet. Many eBooks and eAudiobooks have Digital Rights Management (DRM) software built into the electronic file. This software is meant to prevent copying and sharing of the file by anyone other than the eBook or eAudiobook publisher. You may need to download additional software in order to read an eBook or listen to an eAudiobook because of the DRM attached to it.

Unlike paper books, eBooks and eAudiobooks with DRM cannot be lent to your friends, sold to a used bookstore, or donated to your local library.

What software is needed to use eBooks and eAudiobooks?

Applications (also called "apps") are available from many eBook and eAudiobook providers. Apps are available for home computers, tablets, mobile devices, and some eReaders. The following list includes a few of the major eBook and eAudiobook providers as of 2013:

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