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Self- Assessment: Examining Your Skills, Interests, and Personality

Before you start researching a career, take time to assess yourself to discover what types of careers are a good fit to your skills, interests, and/or personality. Self-assessments can also help you discover what skills you need to develop to pursue a specific career.

Here are some free self-assessments available on the internet:

Explore Your Options: Research Types of Careers

Learn how to research careers at the Goodwill Community Foundation's website, a free learning website that provides tutorials on many work-related subjects.

Once you have an idea of what type of career you are interested in, it is time to learn about required skillsets/education, pay ranges, and job outlook.

Career Planning for the Disabled

Career Planning in the Arts

Changing Careers

In our Catalog do a Subject search for Career changes to find books like the following:

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