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Gastonia Gazette 60th Anniversary Edition INDEX: XYZ

Gastonia Gazette 60th Anniversary Edition INDEX: 1940 October 10.


Xenophon's Anabasis 1940 Oct 10 11,7 Reminiscences, Records of Schools and Folks From 1890 To 1902
YMCA 1940 Oct 10 9,10 Dentist's Office Was First Home of Public Library
Yorkville Enquirer newspaper 1940 Oct 10 10,8 Yorkville Enquirer's Story Romance of Journalism
Young, Norman    1940 Oct 10 11,8 Established in 1880 by G. W. Chalk, paper has kept same name
Young, Norman (photo) 1940 Oct 10 11,2 The Folks Who Make the Gazette and Deliver It
Yount, Walter N., Rev. 1940 Oct 10 7,12 St. Mark's Lutheran Church 120 Years Old


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