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HeritageQuest is a genealogy database available through HeritageQuest includes the full text (as scanned images) of about 28,000 books. The following are some titles we’ve found that are related to Gaston, Lincoln and Tryon counties. All titles can be found through “Search Books” in HeritageQuest. Try searching by author or family names, or browse the titles in the collection by title (books are sorted by the first word in the title that is not “A”, “An”, or “The”).

Call numbers are given for paper copies of titles that are also located in our North Carolina Collection.

Family Histories (by Title)

  • The Biographical and Genealogical Records of the Fite Families in the United States (pub. 1907) by Elizabeth Mitchell Stephenson Fite. 174 pgs.
  • The Chalk Family of England and America: 1066 – 1942 (pub. 1942) by Minna Chalk Scott Hyman. 186 pgs.
  • The Finger Family of Lincoln County, NC: With Brief Sketch of Saint Matthews Church (pub. 1903) by Alfred Nixon. 26 pgs.
  • The Genealogy of Peiter Heyl and his Descendants, 1110 – 1936: With the Intermarried Families of Arnold, Bess, Byrd, Cansler, Carlock, Carpenter, Costner (Kestner), Davis, Freeman, Friday, Gantt (Gaunt, Ghent), Green, Hahn, Henkel, Hoffman, Hovis, Huffstetler, Jones, Klein, Lineberger (Leinberger), Mendenhall, McIntosh, Nesbitt, Payne, Patton, Peel, Peeler, Porter, Ramsour, Reinhardt, Rhyne, Reynolds, Robinson, Rudisill, Shuford, Summey, Smith, Thompson, Wells, Warlick, Weidner and Wilfong (c. 1938) by Elizabeth Hoyle Rucker. 1549 pgs.
  • Genealogy of the Lewis Family in America: From the Middle of the Seventeenth Century Down to the Present Time (pub. 1893, c. 1892) by Wm. Terrell Lewis. 459 pgs.
  • Head, Descent of Henry Head (1695 – 1770) in America (pub. 1948) by Idress Head Alvord. 680 pgs.
  • The Henckel Genealogy, 1500 – 1960: Ancestry and Descendants of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel, 1668 – 1728, Pioneer Evangelical Lutheran Minister, Emigrant from the German Palatinate to America in 1717 (pub. 1964) by William Sumner Junkin. 1446 pgs.
  • Historical Sketch of the Schenck and Bevens Families: With an Appendix (pub. 1884) by David Schenck. 43 pgs.
  • History, Correspondence, and Pedigrees of the Mendenhalls of England, the United States and Africa: Relative to their Common Origins and Ancestry; Methodically Arranged and Elucidated, After Many Years of Diligent Inquiry and Research (pub. 1912) by William Mendenhall. 297 pgs.
  • The History of the Killian Family in North Carolina (pub. 1955?) by J. Yates Killian. 28 pgs.
  • The Hoffmans of North Carolina (pub. 1938) by Max Ellis Hoffman. 217 pgs.
  • The House of Fowler: A History of the Fowler Families of the South, Embracing Descendants of John Fowler of Virginia and branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, also records of Allied Families, Comprising Branches of More than Two Hundred Other Families (pub. 1940) by Grover Parsons Fowler. 768 pgs.
  • The Humston Family: A Genealogy of the descendants of Edward Humston of Stafford County, Virginia, 1667; Together with the Accounts of the Allied Families of Humstone, Humpstone, and Humpston in the United States (typescript, pub. 1943) by Ezra Sams Humston. 374 pgs.
  • The Jonathan Tree, or, A Wilkey Genealogy (pub. 1970?) by Hubert Weldon Wilkey. 162 pgs.
  • The Kennamer Family (pub. 1924) by John Robert Kennamer. 374 pgs.
  • Love-Loomis Family History (pub. 1963) by Burt W. Loomis. 177 pgs.
  • Male Whiteside(s) names in the United States from Selected Sources ca. 1960 – 1849: And Whiteside Place Names (pub. 1971) by Don Whiteside. 253 pgs.
  • Memorial Address of A. Nixon: Delivered at New Hope, Lincoln County, NC, May 30th, 1909 (pub. 1909?) by Alfred Nixon. 11 pgs.
  • One Branch of the Coolidge Family: 1427 – 1963 (pub. 1964) by Frederick Coolidge Crawford. 135 pgs.
  • Our Kin: Being a History of the Hoffman, Rhyne, Costner, Rudisill, Best, Hovis, Hoyle, Wills, Shetley, Jenkins, Holland, Hambright, Gaston, Withers, Cansler, Clemmer and Lineberger Families (pub. 1915) by Laban Miles Hoffman. 601 pgs.
  • The Record and Genealogy of the (Tilghman-Tillman-Tilman-Tilmon) Family, 1225 – 1938: Compiled from an Original Mss. By James D. Tillman, Jr., of Meridan, Miss., and Old Family bible of Christopher Tilghman, the English Emigrant of 1638, Family Records of Descendants of Dr. Richard Tilghman, the English Emigrant of 1661, Various Documents at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, DAR Records, Census Reports, Wills, and Information Supplied by Living Descendants of the Family (pub. 1939) by Stephen Frederick Tillman. 414 pgs.
  • Scattered Leaves Down Memory Lane (pub. 196-?) by Ara Elizabeth Schrum. 245 pgs.
  • Three Mauney Families (pub. 1967 – 1969) by Bonnie Mauney Summers. 177 pgs.
  • Torrence and Allied Families (pub. 1938) by Robert McIlvaine Torrence. 640 pgs.

Local People & Places (by Title)

  • Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina: Containing Interesting and Authentic Facts of Lincoln County History Through the Years 1749 to 1937 (pub. 1937) by William Lander Sherrill. 556 pgs.
  • Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory: Containing Facts, Figures, Names and Locations; revised and corrected annually… Vols. for 1866-67, 1867-68, 1869, 1877-78, 1884, 1890, 1896.
  • Cyclopedia of Eminent and Representative Men of the Carolinas of the Nineteenth Century (pub. 1892). 1407 pgs.
  • The Finger Family of Lincoln County, NC: With Brief Sketch of Saint Matthews Church (pub. 1903) by Alfred Nixon. 26 pgs.
  • History of North Carolina (pub. 1919). 3034 pgs.
  • History of North Carolina: From the Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time (pub. 1880) by John W. Moore. 1048 pgs.
  • North Carolina, the Old North State and the New (pub. 1941) by Archibald Henderson. 3746 pgs.
  • Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians (pub. 1884) by John H. Wheeler. 573 pgs.
  • Western North Carolina, Historical and Biographical (pub. 1890). 487 pgs.

Events (by Title)

  • Abstract of Pensions of North Carolina Soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812 & Indian Wars (pub. 1960?) by Annie Walker Burns. 563 pgs.
  • The Mecklenburg Signers and their Neighbors (pub. 1946) by Worth S. Ray. 249 pgs.
  • North Carolina, 1780 – 81: Being a History of the Invasion of the Carolinas by the British Army Under Lord Cornwallis in 1780 – 81 With the Particular Design of Showing the Part Borne by North Carolina in that Struggle for Liberty and Independence, and to Correct Some of the Errors of History in Regard to that State and its People (pub. 1889) by David Schenck. 503 pgs.
  • Roster of Confederate Soldiers in the War Between the States (pub. 1905) by Alfred Nixon. 68 pgs.
    • Library call #: 929.3 D NCC. Roster of Confederate Soldiers in the War Between the States by Daughters of the Confederacy.

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