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Finding a Specific Poem

Databases in NCLive:
             African-American Poetry.    Poems from 1750-1900.
             American Poetry. Poems written from 1650-1920.
             English Poetry.  Poems written from 600 to 1900.
             Faber Poetry Library.   Poems written by modern poets.
             Twentieth Century African-American Poetry.     Includes 62 of the most important African-American poets.
             Twentieth Century American Poetry.    Modern American poetry by 217 poets.
             Twentieth-Century English Poetry.    Modernist poems (1900-1999) by 283 poets.

             All these databases may be searched in many ways including: title, first line, author, keyword, publication date, publisher,
               and the poet's gender, and/or nationality.
             Keyword search helps you to look for words anywhere in the poem -- good for finding a quote.
             Title/First Line search is a keyword search also -- you don't need the exact words.

Use the Granger's series of indexes to find poems that were included in published collections (anthologies).  Later editions became Columbia Granger's. Library holdings:

                Index to Poetry and Recitations, revised and enlarged, pub. 1920.  Indexes 450 books.
                   -- Tip: Digital copies of many of these anthologies are on the Internet.

                Supplement to Granger's Index (1919-1928), Pub. 1934.  R808.81 Gra

                4th edition, indexing anthologies published through December 31, 1950, pub. 1953.  R808.81 G

                5th editon, indexing anthologies published through June 30, 1960, pub. 1962.  R808.81 Gra

                6th edition, indexing anthologies published through December 31, 1970, pub. 1973.  R808.81 G

                7th edition, indexing anthologies published from 1970-1981, pub. 1982.  R808.81 Gra

                8th edition, indexing anthologies published through June 30, 1985, pub. 1986.
                   -- Includes some anthologies from the 6th and 7th editions.  R808.81 G

                9th edition, indexing anthologies published through June 30, 1989, pub. 1990.  R808.81 C

                10th edition, indexing anthologies published through June 3, 1993, pub. 1994.
                   -- Added a last line index for 12,500 most anthologized poems.  R808.81 Haz

                11th edition, indexing anthologies published through January 1, 1997, pub. 1997.  R808.81 Col

                12th edition, indexing anthologies published through December 31, 2001, pub. 2002.  R808.81 Col

                13th edition, indexing anthologies published through May 31, 2006.  R808.81 Col.


Last Lines: An Index to the Last Lines of Poetry (2 vols.), pub. 1991.  With title, author and keyword index for approximately 171,000 poems.  R808.81 Kli.

Index of American Periodical Verse, poems published in magazines, indexed by title and author.  Library has 1971-1972, 2001-2003.  R808.81 Ind.

Index to Black Poetry, pub. 1974.  Indexes 127 books for poems by African-American authors AND poems abut the "black experience."  Books indexed were published between 1895 and 1972. Indexed by title, first line, author ans subject.  R811.008 C.

Index by title and author to the North Carolina Poetry Review, published in Gastonia, July 1933 - June 1934.

Finding Criticism & Author Biographies

Gale Literary Index.  Use keyword, author or title search to find entries in the many literary criticism sets published by this company.  Includes titles of individual poems.  Ask a librarian for help finding the volumes you want.

Masterplots II: Poetry Series. (6 vols), pub. 1992.  R808.8 Mas.  List of poems discussed in the series.

Critical Survey of Poetry: Foreign Language Series (5 vols)  Author and title index.  R809.1 C.

Critical Survey of Poetry: English Language Series.  Library has vols 2 through 7.  R809.1 C.

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