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North Carolina Collection

NCC Additions

Some highlights of services and materials added during a year are given below.

Many of these books are gifts. The Library appreciates the generosity of our patrons which helps us to build a better local history and genealogy collection.

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2023 December


  • 929.3 EIG NCC v.1 1812 ancestor index, 1892-1970 : National Society United States Daughters of 1812
  • 929.3 EIG NCC v.3 1812 ancestor index, 1892-1970 : National Society United States Daughters of 1812
  • 929.2 COO NCC The Cooper family of Maryland by Cooper, Francis William
  • 974.6 BAI NCC Early Connecticut marriages as found on ancient church records prior to 1800 : 7 volumes in 1. Bailey, Frederic W. (Frederic William)
  • 929.37 ABB NCC Families of early Milford, Connecticut by Abbott, Susan Emma Woodruff.
  • 973.043 FIR NCC The First Germans in America : with a biographical directory of New York Germans
  • 929.37 PAT NCC Patents and deeds and other early records of New Jersey, 1664-1703.
  • 284.1 CAR NCC Salem Lutheran and United Church of Christ: a story of faith and peace by Carpenter, Robert C.
  • 301.44 BAS NCC Slavery and servitude in the colony of North Carolina by Bassett, John Spencer.
  • 325.2 COB NCC The story of the Palatines : an episode in colonial history by Cobb, Sanford H. (Sanford Hoadley)
  • 929.2 THR NCC Through a Dutch door : 17th century origins of the Van Voorhees family.
  • 929.2 CHR NCC The Van Voorhees family in America: the first six generations: Van Voorhees, Voorhees, Van Voorhis, Voorhis, Van Voorheas, Van Voorhes, Van Voorhies, VanVoorhis, Van Voorhis, Van Vorous, Voores, Voorheis, Vooris, Vorce, Vores, Voorees, Voress, Vorhes, by Christoph, Florence A.
  • 929.2 STO NCC v.1 The Van Voorhees family: volume 1: the first four generations by Stokes, Albert L. author. (Albert Louis).
  • 929.2 BAR NCC The Willits family : descendants of Richard Willets of Long Island, through the Willits brothers, Isaiah (and wife Susanna (Boone)) and Isaac (and wife Elizabeth), of Pennsylvania by Bartlett, Ted Lawrence.

2023 November

  • 929.2 Camp CAR NCC Camp, Jones, and related families of Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and points west, by Carter, Nell Jones.
  • 929.2 Hanson MIN NCC Hanson, Henson, Hinson, Hynson and allied family names : volume IV early records of Kentucky and Tennessee, by Miner, Ethel Nerim.
  • 975.725 HIS NCC Historic Pendleton, South Carolina.
  • 929.2 BOD NCC v.6 Historical Southern families. Boddie, John Bennett.
  • 942 RAT NCC Methodist records for family historians by Ratcliffe, Richard.
  • 929.3756 NOR NCC v.2 1679-1790 North Carolina taxpayers, 1701-1786.
  • 398.2 JON NCC Peculiarities of the Appalachian mountaineers; a summary of legends, traditions, signs and superstitions that are almost forgotten, by Jones, Ora L.
  • 929.1 POP NCC The pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, 1623 to 1660 : a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns, churches, courts and other contemporary sources, by Pope, Charles Henry.
  • 338.4 MED NCC Sawdust in your pockets : a history of the North Carolina furniture industry, by Medlin, Eric.
  • 929.2 WOO NCC Setzer and allied families by Wood, Lawrence E.
  • 641.5 STA NCC The Stanley branch library cookbook : Selected recipes from our dearest patrons.
  • 929.3 756 NOR NCC State census of North Carolina, 1784-1787 by North Carolina : State Dept. of Archives and History.
  • FIC ELL NCC Three tales by Ellis, Timothy Craig.
  • 975.685 SIG NCC Weaving the heart threads of a mill village : Rhodhiss, North Carolina, by Sigmon, Hartsoe Sigmon.

2023 October

  • 384.1058 CIT NCC 2023-2024 Consumer and business guide for Gastonia, North Carolina and vicinity.
  • 285.175 WEI NCC First Presbyterian Church, Kings Mountain, North Carolina : one-hundreth anniversary, by Weir, Josephine E.
  • 385.097 HIS NCC The historical guide to North American railroads.

2023 September

2023 August

  • 973.733 OLD NCC Hood's defeat near Fox's Gap : prelude to emancipation, by Older, Curtis L.
  • 810.8 NOR NCC North Carolina literary review : NCLR. No. 32, 2023.
  • 370.975 REE NCC Soldiers in petticoats : Appalachian educators - Sophia Sawyer, Emily Prudden, Martha Berry, by Reed, Betty Jamerson.

2023 July

  • 709.756 ROB NCC Art of the state : celebrating the visual art of North Carolina, by Roberts, Liza.
  • 282.756 MOR NCC A home for all : history of Queen of the Apostles Catholic Church, by Morris, Jack H.
  • 929.2 Black NCC The origin of the Black's of Cherry Lane, by Black, Keith A.

2023 June

  • 929.2 Rankin WIL NCC The compleat Rankin book : ... or at least what I have so far Willis, Robin Rankin.
  • 371.805 HUN NCC 1968 Hunter Huss High School yearbook : Astron.
  • 973.7 LEV NCC I was there and you are here : Confederate DNA, by Leviner, Mark.

2023 May

  • 304.873 DOL NCC American Migration Routes, part I : Indian Paths, Post Roads & Wagon Roads, by Dollarhide, William.
  • 975.004 BAU NCC Becoming Catawba : Catawba Indian women and nation-building, 1540-1840, by Bauer, Brooke M.
  • 929.375 EAR NCC v.1 Early families of the North Carolina counties of Rockingham and Stokes with Revolutionary service.
  • 641.5975 GAR NCC Foods that make you say mmm-mmm by Garner, Bob.
  • 338.4 BEN NCC Fraying fabric : how trade policy and industrial decline transformed America, by Benton, James C.
  • 364.152 SMI NCC Murder at Asheville's Battery Park Hotel : the search for Helen Clevenger's killer, by Smith, Anne E. Chesky.
  • 973.7 HAR NCC Remembering North Carolina's Confederates, by Hardy, Michael C.
  • 929.1072 ROU NCC Researching Scots-Irish ancestors : the essential genealogical guide to early modern Ulster, 1600-1800, by Roulston, William J.
  • 929.7 ROB NCC (3 Volumes.) The Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States : Who Were Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History, by Roberts, Gary Boyd.
  • 929.3 DOB NCC (2 volumes) Scots-Irish links : consolidated edition, in two volumes, by Dobson, David.
  • 417.7 STR NCC Understanding colonial handwriting, by Stryker-Rodda, Harriet.
  • 338.4 MCC NCC Warren Clay Coleman : the leader of the first black textile mill in America : a clear unsung example of black enterprise/capitalism after the civil war, by McCullough, Norman J.

2023 April

  • 973.7 ALF NCC Alfred W. Bell Civil War letter collection.
  • 286.097 BAP NCC v.IX Baptists in early North America
  • 929.3 BEN NCC Buncombe County, North Carolina Births, 1858-1888 : journal of Dr. James Americus Reagan, by Bennett, William D.
  • 929.3748 STO NCC Early Lutheran baptisms and marriages in southeastern Pennsylvania : the records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779 : with an index by Elizabeth P. Bentley. author Stoever, Johann Casper
  • 929.374 BAN NCC The English ancestry and homes of the Pilgrim Fathers : who came to Plymouth on the "Mayflower" in 1620, the "Fortune" in 1621, and the "Anne" and the "Little James" in 1623. by Banks, Charles Edward.
  • 975.6 WES NCC The great American trivia tour North Carolina : the ultimate book of fun facts and trivia from history to sports you never knew about the Tar Heel state! by West, Jordan.
  • 975.65 SIN NCC Hidden history of the Piedmont triad by Sink, Alice E.
  • 720.9756 TAV NCC The historic architecture of Halifax County, North Carolina, by Taves, Henry V.
  • 325 HIR NCC The Huguenots of colonial South Carolina by Hirsch, Arthur Henry.
  • 929.3 BEN NCC Index of North Carolina bankrupts : acts of 1800, 1841 & 1867, by Bennett, William D.
  • 975.6982 MCR NCC Macon County, N.C. in the 1850 census : a snapshot in time, by McRae, Barbara A.
  • 975.6982 MCR NCC Macon County NC records, 1858-1865 : deed books I & J, by McRae, Barbara A.
  • 975.6982 ING NCC Macon County, North Carolina marriage records, 1830-1868, by Ingmire, Frances Terry.
  • 975.6982 JON NCC Nikwasi : valley of the Little Tennessee, Macon County, N.C.
  • 929.3 BEN NCC Orange County North Carolina inventories and accounts, 1758-1785, Bennett, William D.
  • 371.805 SAL NCC (1949; 1952) Salem College yearbook : sights and insights.
  • 929.374 TOR NCC Third supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700, by Sanborn, Melinde Lutz.

2023 March

  • 975.677 GRE NCC Things I remember growing up : stories from my life, by Green, Inez H. Helderman.
  • 975.677 VOO NCC Where needed most. To do the most good the story of the Carrie E. and Lena V. Glenn Foundation of Gastonia, North Carolina, by Voorhees, Barbara H.

2023 February

  • 975.7 BLU NCC The Catawba Indian Nation of the Carolinas, by Blumer, Thomas J.

2023 January

  • 975.729 COO NCC Hub City music makers : one Southern town's popular music legacy, by Cooper, Peter Michael.
  • 355 GAS NCC OVER 2022 Saluting our veterans : a veterans day special edition.
  • 975.729 RAC NCC Seeing Spartanburg : a history in images, by Racine, Philip N.
  • 369.12 SEV NCC Seventeenth century review. (v. 62, n.1, 2; v. 63, n.1, 2; v. 64, n.1)
  • 975.729 SOU NCC South of Main. compiled by Beatrice Hill and Brenda Lee ; photo portraits by Raymond Floyd. (African Americans, Spartanburg, South Carolina)
  • 975.729 STA NCC Stars fell on Spartanburg : Hub City's celebrity encounters

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