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North Carolina Collection

NCC Additions

Some highlights of services and materials added during a year are given below.

Many of these books are gifts. The Library appreciates the generosity of our patrons which helps us to build a better local history and genealogy collection.

There's lots more! Search our Catalog to find many other titles.


General Interest

  • Have you seen our newest Research Guides?
  • 929.1 BCG NCC. BCG Genealogical Standards Manual, 50th anniversary ed., by the Board for the Certification of Genealogists.
  • R338.52 VAL. The Value of a Dollar: Colonial Era to the Civil War, 1600 – 1865. We also have the volume for 1865 to 1999.
  • 929.3 KEM NCC. International Vital Records Handbook, 6th ed. For states, provinces, countries – what vital records are available and how to get copies.
  • 929.373 HIN NCC. The Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy is a basic source on this religious group. We own v. 1, North Carolina, and v. 2, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, of the 7 volume set. We’ve added an index to the whole set that provides access to the volumes we own, and also gives us exact page citations to use in ILL request from those volumes we lack.
  • 929.3757 GRU NCC. South Carolina in the American Revolution: A Source Guide for Genealogists and Historians. This massive list of books and other resources including record collections will be useful for anyone doing research on South Carolina, not just those looking for a Revolutionary period ancestor.


  • 973.7025 MAN NCC V. 19. North Carolina Troops, 1861 – 1865: A Roster. This volume covers “Miscellaneous Battalions and Regiments”. These six battalions and twenty-five independent companies served as prison and railroad guards, conscription (draft) units, home defense units, and militia.
  • 973.745 JON NCC. The 25th North Carolina Troops in the Civil War: History and Roster of a Mountain-Bred Regiment.
  • 973.7456 CLE NCC. Cleveland and Rutherford Counties, N. C. Confederate Soldiers and Pension Rolls, 1861 – 1865.
  • 940.31 MIT NCC. Echo of the Bugle Call: Charlotte’s Role in World War I. This account centers around Camp Greene. The artillery rangers here in Gaston County were an offshoot of this training base.
  • 973.7 BUT NCC. North Carolina Civil War Monuments: An Illustrated History. A very detailed history with information on sculptors, etc. Black and white illustrations.
  • 973.7 HIL NCC. Bethel to Sharpsburg, by Daniel Harvey Hill, originally published 1926 (2 vols). A history of North Carolina in the Civil War. General Hill was originally from York County and lived in Charlotte after the war.
  • 973.7 MOB NCC. Confederate Generals of North Carolina: Tar Heels in Command. Biographies of 46 generals!
  • 975.6 HAR NCC. Watauga County, North Carolina in the Civil War. A narrative history with many names, but no muster rolls.
  • 973.7 HAT NCC. The Rowan Rifle Guards: A History of Company K, 4th North Carolina State Troops, 1857 – 1865. An extensive history but lacks an overall index. There are muster rolls for both the antebellum and wartime soldiers.

The Carolinas

  • 975.677 BAR NCC. From Faith to Glory: Historical Perspectives on African-Americans in the Springfield Community of Stanley, North Carolina. Contains biographical sketches, many with pictures.
  • 929.3 DEA NCC. Death in Question: Coroner’s Inquests – Cleveland County, NC, 1841 – 1882.
  • 929.3 DEL NCC. Delayed Birth Certificates of Cleveland County, NC, volumes 1 – 9.
  • 929.3 CLE NCC V. 3. Tax Lists of Cleveland County, North Carolina, 1850 – 1853.
  • 929.3 ONE NCC. 1001 Obituaries: V. 1, 1996 – 2004. Obits from 9 papers.
  • 929.3 SOM NCC. Some Old Obituaries of Cleveland Co, North Carolina. Most from the Shelby Star between 1927 – 1949.
  • 929.3 PHI NCC. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Land Warrants, 1765 – 1768, rev. ed. At this time Mecklenburg County had no definite western boundary. A settler in what is now our county could have a record in this compilation. Indexed by personal and place names.
  • 929.3 AUS NCC. North Carolina, South Carolina Bible Records. This 1988 collection contains about 450 Bible records collected over many years. There is a personal name index, but not an index for places.
  • 975.6 NAT NCC. Native Americans in Early North Carolina: A Documentary History. Indians and settlers in the 1600 and 1700s. The Catawbas figure strongly in the history of this period.
  • 285.175 BET NCC. Bethel Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church in America, Clover, South Carolina. This history was published for the 250th anniversary of the church, the oldest church in York County and the parent church of Olney and New Hope churches here in Gaston County. Biographical sketches of the pastors are included.
  • 929.375 HOL NCC. Marriage and Death Notices from Pendleton (SC) Messenger, 1807 – 1851. Notices published in this paper came from many states. Personal and place name index.
  • 929.375 HOL NCC. Marriage, Death, and Estate Notices from Georgetown, South Carolina Newspapers, 1791 – 1861. Personal name index only.



Author: Gaston County Public Library
Title: NCC Additions: 2014
Revised: 12 June 2017


German Ancestors

  • 016.325 TOL NCC. German-Americana: A Bibliography. Published in 1975, but still a standard reference.

Colonial Ancestors

  • 929.2 ROB NCC. Ancestors of American Presidents (2009 ed). Supplementary tables show relationships to royalty, to Mayflower ancestors, and to Pocahontas.
  • 929.3 DUN NCC. Royal and Lord Proprietor Land Grant Records. Cover title: North Carolina (Colonial Records) (1715-1775).
  • 929.3 MAY NCC v. 23 pt. 3. Mayflower Families through Five Generations: v. 23, pt. 3, John Howland. Gift.
  • 929.373 ANC NCC. Ancestor Roster: A Cameo of the Ancestors of the Members of the Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century, 1915-2005.

Revolutionary War Ancestors

  • 929.373 CLA NCC. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. We’ve added volumes 2 and 3 of this set.
  • 973.3 THO NCC. Rebels and King’s Men: Bertie County in the Revolutionary War.
  • 973.314 MOS NCC. The Loyalists in the Siege of Fort Ninety-Six. Many of the Loyalists at this 1781 siege in what is now Greenwood County, S. C. were from both Carolinas.
  • 973.345 MOS NCC. African-American Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.

North Carolina Ancestors

  • 929.3 HAI NCC. Research in North Carolina.
    A volume in the National Genealogical Society’s “Research in the States” series. In less than 50 pages it describes the major sources for family research in our state. It is also available for download as an ebook from the NGS site; the price depends on whether or not you are a member.
  • 929.39 BOW NCC. North Carolina Eastern Cherokee Indian Census 1898 - 1899, 1904, 1906, 1909 - 1912, 1914 (revised and expanded ed).

Local History

  • 284.175 LED NCC. Led by the Spirit through Our First Century and into the 21st, 1899-1999: Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gastonia, North Carolina. Gift.
  • 610.9756 DR NCC. Dr. J. B. Alexander’s Medical Ledger & Account Book, April 23, 1855 to January 1,1871. A Charlotte doctor’s patients.
  • 929.3 DUN NCC. A Beginners Guide to Grist Mills of North Carolina.
  • 929.3 DUN NCC. A History of Grist Mills in North Carolina. We have v. 2 which includes Lincoln County records and v. 4 which includes one surviving record for Tryon County.
  • 929.3 DUN NCC. Lincoln County, North Carolina Road Records (1781-1822); Bridge Records (1813-1868).
  • 929.3 DUN NCC. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Road, Bridge and Ferry Records, 1783-1921.
  • 929.3 WIL NCC. Tombstone Inscriptions of the Old St. Paul’s Church Cemetery, 1702-1967. Catawba County.
  • 975.04 YOU NCC. The Half Acre People: From Rural South to Rural South, by Rudolph Young. About the Georgian and South Carolinian ancestors of the members of Mt. Cavalry Church in Vale. Copies also in Reference at Mount Holly and Stanley.
  • 975.6 HEL NCC. Dallas, North Carolina: a brief history.
  • 975.677 BRO NCC. Laughin’, Livin' & Learnin’: Stories from Folks “Raised Up” in a Wonderful Cotton Mill Town, Belmont, North Carolina.
  • 975.677 YOU NCC. Brevard Station: Inside the Magnolia Circle, by Rudolph Young and Others. Copies also in Reference at Mount Holly and Stanley.

And More

  • 306.83 ARN NCC. Kinship: It’s All Relative (enlarged second edition).
  • 929.1 SOU NCC v. 31-40 Index. Index to The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volumes XXXI-XL, 2003-2012.
  • 929.1072 DAV NCC. Georgia Research: A Handbook for Genealogists, Historians, Archivists, Lawyers, Librarians, and Other Researchers (2nd ed).
  • 929.2 JON NCC. Book Two of the Samuel Jones Family, Kershaw County, S. C., 1756-1759, Including Allied Families. Actually a 2nd updated edition rather than a 2nd volume. Published 1979. Gift.
  • 929.2 LAY NCC. Lay family genealogy. Not dated. Gift.
  • For those with Irish ancestors, we have a new edition of John Grenham’s Tracing Your Irish Ancestors in the circulating collection (929.107 GRE). This very detailed manual is for those who’ve actually made the connection back to a specific place in Ireland.



Author: Gaston County Public Library
Title: NCC Additions: 2013
Revised: 13 January 2014


Genealogy Resources Online

HeritageQuest (requires library card) has added a new segment to its databases. Go to "Books” and click on the “Learning Center” tab at the top. The Learning Center provides links to reading and presentations on how to do genealogy from institutions such as the Library of Congress, FamilySearch, etc.

New Indexes from Brian Brown, NCC Librarian

  • 051 GAS NCC Index, 1954 - 1980. Gaston County Historical Bulletin Index, 1954 - 1980.
  • 070 GAS NCC Index 1940. Gaston Gazette 60th Anniversary Edition Index 1940. The special 60th anniversary edition of the Gastonia Gazette was published on October 10, 1940.
  • 929.5 EAR NCC Index. Early Church Histories and Cemeteries of Gaston and Lincoln Counties, 1986-1987 Index.
  • 929.5 GAS NCC. The Gastonia Gazette Obituary and Marriage Index: “Gastonia in the Eighties". Between 1915 and 1919 the Gastonia Gazette republished many obituary and marriage notices originally published during the 1880s. This new index supplements our existing index for 1880 through 1899.

German Ancestors

  • 325.2 KNI NCC. Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration.
  • 929.2 Mingus NCC. One Mingus Family of the Great Smoky Mountains. This family appeared west of the Catawba as early as the 1740s. The 5 generation narrative includes images of many source documents. Gift.
  • 929.3 HAL NCC. Across the Atlantic and Beyond: The Migration of German and Swiss Immigrants to America.
  • 929.3 HUM NCC. Pennsylvania Births, Philadelphia County, 1644 – 1765.
  • 929.4 JON NCC. German-American Names (2nd Ed.).
  • 975.5 SCH NCC. History of the German Element in Virginia. Two volumes in one with added indexes for this title originally published in 1898 and 1900.

Revolutionary War Ancestors

  • 929.3757 SOU NCC. Copy of the Original Index Book Showing the Revolutionary Claims Filed in South Carolina between August 20, 1783 and August 31, 1786.
  • 973.3 JOH NCC. Captured at Kings Mountain: The Journal of Uzal Johnson, a Loyalist Surgeon.

Civil War Ancestors

  • 973.7 CRO NCC. Storm in the Mountains: Thomas' Confederate Legion of Cherokee Indians and Mountaineers (Originally published in 1982).
  • 973.7 PER NCC. Civil War Courts-Martial of North Carolina Troops. Most of these men were tried for desertion, including several men from Gaston County.
  • 973.741 ROS v. 2 NCC. The Roster of Union Soldiers, 1861 – 1865. Includes part of the Missouri list, Kansas, Arkansa, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi. Gives only the soldier's name and unit.
  • 975.6 HAR NCC. Civil War Charlotte: Last Capital of the Confederacy.

Local History

  • 271.92 MER NCC. Mercy in the Carolinas: The Early Years: A History of the Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina from 1841 to 1933. Obviously there’s a lot about Belmont in this.
  • 630.715 HAM NCC. Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Service: To Family, Community and North Carolina. Gift of the Gaston County Cooperative Association and the Gaston County Extension and Community Association.
  • 677.975 BOB NCC. The Bobbin & Shuttle, published from 2004 through 2009 by the Textile Heritage Center. A compilation of memories and historical sketches of the textile mills in the Southeast.
  • 683.4 WHI NCC. Gunsmiths of the Carolinas, 1660 to 1870. Short biographical notices. Gift.
  • 736.5 PAT NCC. The True Image: Gravestone Art and the Culture of Scotch Irish Settlers in the Pennsylvania and Carolina Backcountry. A study of the Bigham family, gravestone carvers, from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, including Lincoln County, and on into the west.
  • 738.097 HAR NCC. Valley Ablaze: Pottery Tradition in the Catawba Valley. About local pottery.
  • 929.3 FER NCC. Abstracts of Deed Books 15 - 23, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 1794 - 1830. Indexed by personal names and place names. There are many entries relating to Lincoln County.
  • 929.3 FER NCC. Abstracts of Deed Books 24 - 28 & Books 1 - 3, Second Series, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 1831 - 1850. Also with a thorough index.
  • 975.678 PAY NCC. The Book of Daniel by Stephen Payseur. Was a Lincoln County man actually the lost Dauphin of France?
  • 929.3 GRE NCC. Greenwood Cemetery, Belmont, North Carolina: Death Certificates (4 vols.). Gift. Shelved in Reference workroom.
  • 929.3 STR NCC. Stroup Family Cemeteries of Gaston County, North Carolina (Compiled Aug. 2011). Gift.
  • 929.3756 FER NCC. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions (vols. 5 – 7). These volumes take us up to 1868.

And More

  • 929.3 MAY NCC. Mayflower Families through Five Generations: v. 18, pt. 2, 2nd. ed.: Richard Warren and v. 23, pt. 2, John Howland. Gift from the local society.
  • 929.3 TEN NCC. Tennessee Bible and Family Records: A Tennessee Bicentennial Project (1996).
  • 929.3757 SOU NCC. South Carolina Marriages, 1800-1820. Also Supplement, 1688-1820.
  • 975.693 TRA NCC. Heritage of Transylvania County, North Carolina, Volume III.
  • 975.695 HIS NCC. The History of Jackson County [NC] (1987). Gift. An extensive history with a detailed index.
  • 929.2 Kress FRA NCC. Kress Family History (1930). Gift. Ask at Reference desk.
  • 929.3 CAM NCC. North Carolina Bastardy Bonds. Records from 30 counties -- not including Gaston and Lincoln.



Author: Gaston County Public Library
Title: NCC Additions: 2012
Revised: 30 January 2013


Highlights of services and materials added in 2011.

These are new how-to-do-it genealogy books that you can check out.

  • 929.1 Cli Complete Beginner's Guide to Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program.
  • 929.1 Dow Crash Course in Genealogy.
  • 929 Nor Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors. A collection of recent articles by David Norris, now conveniently gathered in one publication.
  • 929.1 Dol Managing a Genealogical Project: Management and Organization of Genealogical Materials.
  • 929.1 Ros Military Bounty Land, 1776-1855.


Our New Web Pages



New Books & Microfilms


  • Microfilm: the 1941 Belmont City Directory and directories for 1957 and 1958 that include Cramerton, Mount Holly, McAdenville, Stanley (in 1958) and several smaller communities.
  • 331.88 McM NCC Strike! The Radical Insurrections of Ellen Dawson. Dawson was an organizer of the National Textile Workers Union and a participant in the 1929 Gastonia strike. Also circulating.
  • 975.6775 Mem NCC Memories... a Place Called Home, 2008 : a Pictorial History of Cleveland and Gaston Counties, NC. Also circulating.
  • 664 Dun NCC Miscellaneous Mill Records for Alexander, Anson, Ashe, Brunswick, Caldwell, Cumberland, Jones, Lenoir, Lincoln, Moore, Montgomery, Robeson, Stokes, Tryon, Tyrell, Warren, Wayne, and Wilkes County.
  • 929.1 Aro NCC Wanted! U. S. Criminal Records: Sources & Research Methodology.
  • 929.1 Tho NCC German - English Genealogical Dictionary. Many of the early settlers of this area were German and the German language survived here well into the mid-1800's.
  • 929.2 Nor NCC North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina.
  • 929.3 Bib NCC Bible Records of North Carolina.
  • 929.3756 McB NCC Divorces and Separations from Petitions to the North Carolina General Assembly, 1779-1837. The only way to get a divorce was to have the legislature grant it!
  • 929.3 Hol NCC Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Presbyterian: v. 3, 1880-1891 and v. 4, 1892-1908.
  • 975.6 Bra NCC Order of First Families of North Carolina Ancestor Biographies, vol. 1. Families in the colony of North Carolina on or before 12 July 1729. First in a new series.
  • 920.0757 Gar NCC Men of the Time:. A Biographical Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous South Carolina Leaders. A "mug book", published in 1902, that includes references to North Carolinians. Gift.
  • 975.7 Wal NCC (4 vols) The History of South Carolina, by David Duncan Wallace, published 1934. Volume 4 is a "mug book" of biographical sketches; many have extensive family information. Gift.
  • 929.3 Ten NCC Tennessee Records: Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts and 929.3 Ten NCC Tennessee Records: Bible Records and Marriage Bonds. Originally published in 1933.
  • 929.372 Bow NCC Cherokee Descendants East: An Index to the Guion Miller Applications, vol. 1.
  • 941.5 Mit NCC A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, 2nd ed.
  • 929.3 Whi NCC Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western North Carolina, v. 3. Vols. 1 and 2 are at Jonas.
  • 973.3 Cor NCC (6 vols.) The Cornwallis Papers: The Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Theatre of the American Revolutionary War. Source material for history research.
  • 973.34 Boc NCC Revolutionary War Pensions Awarded by State Governments 1775 - 1874, the General and Federal Government Prior to 1814, and by Private Acts of Congress to 1905. 1042 pages!
  • 973.35 Pen NCC (4 vols) The Pension Roll of 1835. A complete index to all four volumes is in volume 4.
  • 975.6 Jon NCC Before They Were Heroes at Kings Mountain. This book tells the story of the six years before the battle. Also circulating.
  • 929.3 Obi NCC (12 vols). Obituaries: North Carolina Civil War Soldiers and Veterans. Obits from North Carolina newspapers. Each volume is indexed by soldiers' names.
  • 973.7 Cas NCC The Civil War and Yadkin County, North Carolina: A History : with Contemporary Photographs and Letters. Also circulating.
  • 973.7 Cas NCC The 28th North Carolina Infantry: A Civil War History and Roster. Co. B was from Gaston County, the "Gaston Invincibles" aka the "South Fork Farmers".
  • 973.7 Hoy NCC "Deliver Us From This Cruel War": the Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Joseph J. Hoyle, 55th North Carolina Infantry. Also circulating.
  • 973.7 Hug NCC Bivouac of the Dead. Over 2,400 burial sites of U. S. soldiers of the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Not a list of individuals, but only of cemeteries.
  • 973.7 Ray NCC Confederate Correspondent: The Civil War Reports of Jacob Nathaniel Raymer, Fourth North Carolina. Also circulating.
  • 973.7025 His NCC Clark's Regiments: An Extended Index.... We've had this 1901 5 volume set, but no index.
  • 973.7456 Dea NCC Dead or Disabled: The North Carolina Confederate Pensions, 1885 Series. Also in Jonas NCC.
  • 973.7456 Hah NCC The Catawba Soldier of the Civil War, pub. 1911. Gift.
  • 973.76 Hug NCC Confederate Cemeteries (2 vols.) The cemeteries are all in Virginia.
  • 975.6 Cha NCC Chatham County [NC], 1771-1971. Gift.
  • 975.617 Wat NCC Tyrrell County: A Brief History. Also circulating.
  • 975.654 Dav NCC Historical Sketches of Franklin County. Published 1948. Gift.
  • 975.654 Fra NCC Franklin County Heritage, North Carolina, Volume 1, 2008.
  • 975.68 Her NCC The Heritage of the Toe River Valley, Volume 1, 1994. The vicinity of Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Counties, North Carolina.
  • 975.743 Wal NCC Cemetery Directory of Bethesda Presbyterian Church. One of the oldest churches in York County, S. C. Gift.


Highlights of services and materials added in 2010.

These are new how-to-do-it genealogy books that you can check out.

  • 929.Smo Who do you think you are? The essential guide to tracing your family history.
  • 929.102 Cro Genealogy online, 9th ed.
  • 929.1 Ros Courthouse indexes illustrated.
  • 929.1 Mer Genealogical standards of evidence: a guide for family historians. The best way to document your family history.
  • 929.102 Smi Social networking for genealogists.


On-Line Resources

Our new pages this year. You can get to these genealogy pages by choosing "History & Genealogy" on the left side blue menu.

The Civil War Month by Month, Finding Soldiers of Other Wars,and an index to the North Carolina Poetry Review, which was published here in the 1930s.

Our newest database is African American Heritage. This database can be used at home; ask at any library for information on logging in.

Added Microfilm Resources

We have purchased the Estate Files on microfilm for both Gaston (1839-1928) and Lincoln (1779-1925) Counties. Estate files contain the records generated when a person dies and an estate has to be administered. They can be a gold mine of family information. These files are arranged alphabetically by surname. The State Archives has created a list of the Gaston County files, There is no list yet for Lincoln County although one is planned.


016.975 Nor NCC Guide to County Records in the North Carolina State Archives, 12th rev. ed.

280 Wei NCC The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies: New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, 1628-1776. Also 280 Wei NCC, The Colonial Clergy of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

285.175 Old NCC Old Shiloh Presbyterian Church, Meeting House and Burial Ground, ca. 1780: Documentation of History, Location and People: Old Lincoln County, North Carolina & Old York District, South Carolina. Gift.

369 Gen NCC Genealogical Guide: Master Index of Genealogy in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, Volumes 1-84, 1892-1950 with Supplement, Volumes 85-89, 1950-1955. Indexed by last name only. (This magazine is not indexed in PERSI.)

369.17 Con NCC. The Confederate Veteran, 1893-1932, the entire run of the magazine. Includes a three volume index of personal names.

929.1 Anc NCC (2 vols.) Ancestors in German Archives: A Guide To Family History Sources. "Germany", the country as we know it, has only existed since 1871. This thoroughly researched set describes the holdings of archives in the many little jurisdictions throughout the country.


929.2 Fer NCC Histories of the Families of James and Martha Crawford and John and Isabella Whitesides, 4th ed. (2002) Gift.


929.2 Caldwell Rag NCC Origin of the Caldwell Family of York County, South Carolina and Gaston County, North Carolina. Gift.

929.2 Our NCC Our Heritage: Family History of the Roberts, Borders, Mauney, Howell, Briggs and Related Families of Cleveland County and Gaston County, North Carolina, .revised and updated for the 89th Annual Family Reunion, August 20, 1995. Gift.

929.2 Ragan NCC Origin of the Ragan Family of Lincoln and Gaston Counties, North Carolina, updated edition. Gift.

929.2 Reins NCC Reins in America: The Descendants of Jacob Rhyne and Lisabeth Glattfelder. (3 vols. bound in 6.) Gift.


929.3 Hol NCC (2 vols) Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Presbyterian. Vol. 1: 1847-1865; vol. 2: 1865-1879.

929.373 Boc NCC Bounty and Donation Land Grants in British Colonial America. Bounty land was given for signing up in the military; donation land was given to a veteran. These grants cover colonial wars to 1763.


929.373 Dol NCC Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era: Online and Published Military or Civilian Name Lists, 1861-1869, and Post-War Veteran Lists. Not the lists themselves, but where to find them.

929.375 Hol NCC York County, South Carolina Deed Abstracts: Volume I: Deed Books A-E, 1786-1801 [1772-1801].

973.7025 Man NCC Additional Information and Amendments to the North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865 Seventeen Volume Roster.

973.742 You NCC Confederates in the Bloodline: An American Story. Stories of local African-Americans who served the Confederate cause.

973.745 Sou NCC (2 vols.) South Carolina Confederate Soldiers. Vol. 1 Alphabetical list giving unit and rank if other than Private. Vol. 2. Unit rosters.

975.6 Ber NCC History of the German Settlements and of the Lutheran Church in North and South Carolina. Originally published in 1872.

975.677 Rag NCC The History of Gastonia and Gaston County, North Carolina. A new 669 page history by Robert Ragan.


Highlights of services and materials added in 2009.

But first! We do acquire how-to-do-it genealogy books that you can check out. Some examples:

  • 929.102 Pow The everything guide to online genealogy: a complete resource for using the Web to trace your family history.
  • 929.102 Sch The online genealogy handbook.
  • 973 Gat In search of our roots: how 19 extraordinary African Americans reclaimed their past.


On-Line Resources

There's more genealogy on our library web pages! You can go straight to these pages from the menu on our front page. We've added new Research Guides and updated old ones.

Our guide to City Directories now includes both Gaston and Lincoln Counties, plus links to full-text directories on the web.

Our guide to World War I & II Soldiers now includes links to more names of soldiers.

Have you noticed the new database link in NC Live, “ArchiveGrid”? It’s a “WorldCat” for manuscript and archive collections. This can be useful for genealogists. A search for “Smith North Carolina Bible” reveals that a surprising number of libraries and archives have Bible records in their collections. You will need to contact the holding institution for information about access.

Added Microfilm Resources

  • Gaston County records:
  • Wills, Superior Court minutes, appointments of administrators, executors, and guardians from 1869-1901 (an important genealogical source).
  • Gaston County divorces, 1952-1965 (1 roll) and a list of the maiden names of divorced women, 1939-1963 (1 roll).
  • Elections, 1880-1882, 1897-1916, 1934-1960, 1962-1968.
  • Board of Education Minutes 1885-1964.



Not in NCC, but in Reference, R133.4 Rec Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt. If your family has Salem, Mass. connections, this index includes the names of witnesses, neighbors, etc. in 900 pages of transcribed documents.

286 Jol NCC Visions of Faith: The Sesquicentennial History of the Kings Mountain Baptist Association, 1851-2001. Includes churches outside Kings Mountain and Cleveland County. Gift.

345.755 Cri NCC Criminal Proceedings in Colonial Virginia: [Records of] Fines, Examination of Criminals, Trials of Slaves, etc. from March 1710 [1711] to [1754] [Richmond County, Virginia]. Gift. So how would you like to be fined 500 pounds of tobacco for your crime?

369.463 Pio NCC Pioneer Pathways. A history of the local Girl Scouts. Also circulating.

378.756 Cat NCC Catalogue of Gaston College with Announcements for 1892. This earlier Gaston College was a woman’s college. Gift.

709.73 Dav NCC New Deal Art in North Carolina: The Murals, Sculptures, Reliefs, Paintings, Oils and Frescoes and Their Creators. Gastonia and Lincolnton are mentioned here – both have a Post Office with a mural. Also a circulating copy.

759.13 Tom NCC The Life and Art of Ralph Ray Jr. A beautiful book about one of Gaston County’s better known citizens. Also circulating copies.

920.71 Barker NCC Another Ride with Clyde. A book of local reminiscences by Clyde Barker.

929 Kei NCC Forever Dixie: A Field Guide to Southern Cemeteries and Their Residents. Also a circulating copy.

929.2 Ham NCC Born at the Crossroads, by O. P. Hamrick. Local and family history in Boiling Springs. Gift.

929.2 Payne NCC The Little Payne Book: Additions and Corrections for the Big Payne Book. G and J NCC. Gift.

973.3 Mos NCC The Patriots in the Snow Campaign, 1775: First Land Battle of the American Revolution in South Carolina, by Bobby Gilmer Moss. An account of the campaign and a list, with biographical information, of the soldiers.

929.3 Rev NCC Revolutionary War Gravesites of Soldiers, Patriots and Ancestors Buried in North Carolina, compiled by the NCDAR. Copies in all branches in Ref or NCC.

973.7 Bra NCC (2 vols) North Carolina Militia and Home Guard Records. Vol. 1: Militia letter book, 1862-1864; vol. 2: Militia letter book, 1864-1865 and Home Guard orders. Not all soldiers during the Civil War served in the regular N. C. regiments. Many, especially those too young or too old, served in the “home guard” and militia outfits locally. Most of the names mentioned in these records are those of officers.

973.7025 Man NCC v. 17 North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: a Roster. Vol. 17. Junior Reserves. The “Junior Reserves” were 17-year-old boys drafted in 1864 because the Confederacy was running out of manpower. Co. C, 2nd Regt, N.C. Jr. Reserves was raised in Gaston and Lincoln Counties (p.255). G and J NCC.

973.78 Ell NCC The Southern Soldier Boy: A Thousand Shots for the Confederacy, by James Carson Elliott. A short account by an old soldier from Shelby. Gift.

975.6 Weh NCC Cherryville. A volume in the Images of America series. Also circulating copies.

975.639 Gre NCC Greene County Heritage, North Carolina.


Highlights of services and materials added in 2008.

Our online resources continue to expand. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, all 128 volumes of it, is now included in the Ancestry Library Edition database and searchable by our patrons. Another notable addition to Ancestry is "North Carolina Death Certificates" through 1975.

We also increased our microfilm resources,adding many rolls of Gaston County records. These include land records, Superior Court minutes, wills, apprentice bonds, officials’ bonds, 1868-1889, bastardy bonds, 1869-1882, marriage licenses, and lunacy records.

But first! We do acquire how-to-do-it genealogy books that you can check out. Some examples:

  • 025.06 Mor The Official Guide to
  • 929.1 Bax NCC In Search of Your German Roots, 4th ed. updated.

370.9756 Fra NCC Frank L. Ashley High School Class of 1957: Our 50th Anniversary Edition of The Spinner.

782.5 Hub NCC Linthead Stomp: The Creation of Country Music in the Piedmont South. This book includes local musicians Dave McCarn (composer of “Cottonhead Colic”) and the Dixon Brothers. We also have circulating copies.

907.2 Mil NCC Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace.

929.2 Gab NCC The Pastoral Years of Rev. Anthony Henckel, 1692-1717. A history of the Henckel family that also supplies clues to the history of families in Rev. Henckel’s parishes.

929.2 Hoffman NCC Hoffmans of North Carolina Revisited, 1749-1998: A Genealogical Presentation of Three Hoffman Brothers Who Settled in North Carolina.

929.2 Nathman NCC The Nathman Family History.

929.2 Pax NCC (2 vols) The Paxtons: An American History.

929.2 Payne NCC The Big Payne Book.

929.2 Rackley NCC Rackley: A Southern Colonial Family.

929.2 Robinson Bea NCC Through the Years with Jane and John Robinson. This family hails from Catawba County and surrounding areas.

929.2 She NCC History of Twelve Generations of the Ellis Family, 1636-1974.

929.3 Boy NCC Ship Passenger Lists: Pennsylvania and Delaware, 1641-1825, and also, The South, 1538-1825.

929.3 Bur NCC Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America: Volume II, The Western Palatinate.

929.3 Bur NCC Palatine Origins of Some Pennsylvania Pioneers.

929.3 Byr NCC Against the Peace and Dignity of the State: North Carolina Laws Regarding Slaves, Free Persons of Color, and Indians. Laws from 1669 through 1861 with an index of personal and place names.

929.3 Dol NCC Census Substitutes & State Census Records: Volume 1, Eastern States. A guide to sources.

929.3 Phi NCC Tryon County, North Carolina Index to Land Surveys, revised ed.

929.3089 Pen NCC (3 vols.) Pennsylvania German Church Records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, etc.

929.375 Rea NCC Real Estate and Legal Notices from Charlotte, North Carolina Newspapers, 1848-1862.

929.37848 Pen NCC Pennsylvania German Marriages: Marriages and Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churches.

973.3 And NCC South Carolina Revolutionary War Indents: A Schedule. Records of payments for services or for damages.

973.7 Pot NCC General Order Book, 1862-1863, 11th “Bethel” Regiment, North Carolina Troops. An order book is something like a regimental diary with entries of orders relating to that regiment. It is unusual that this one survived.

973.7025 Man NCC North Carolina Troops 1861-1865: A Roster, vol. 16 Thomas’s Legion. At both Gastonia Main and Jonas.

973.75 Nei NCC White Plains Goes to War: The Civil War Saga of Edward and Benjamin F. Dixon. This is also a history of the Cleveland Blues, Co. D., 14th NC Regt.

975.6 Cla NCC Burke County, North Carolina: Historic Tales from the Gateway to the Blue Ridge. Circulating plus NCC copies at Gastonia and Lincolnton.

975.6 Jol NCC “That Magnificent Army of Youth and Peace”: The Civilian Conservation Corps in North Carolina, 1933-1942. Circulating plus NCC copies at Gastonia and Lincolnton.

975.6 Neu NCC A Popular History of Western North Carolina: Mountains, Heroes & Hootnoggers. Circulating plus NCC copies at Gastonia and Lincolnton.

975.67 Ran NCC Gaston & Lincoln Sketches. Circulating plus NCC copies at Gastonia and Lincolnton.

975.677 Hig NCC High Shoals, N. C.: A Collection of Photographs from the Cotton Mill Days, rev. and expanded Nov. 2007. Another copy at Jonas NCC.

975.677 Nic NCC Memories of Cramerton: A Cotton Mill Town. Circulating plus NCC copies at Gastonia and Lincolnton.

975.677 Weh NCC Gaston County, North Carolina: A Brief History. Circulating plus NCC copies at Gastonia and Lincolnton.


Highlights of services and materials added in 2007.

But first! We do acquire how-to-do-it genealogy books that you can check out. Some examples:

  • 929.1 Bun Research Guide to Loyalist Ancestors.
  • 929 Car Beginner's Guide to Using Tax Lists.
  • 940.54 Gaw Finding Your Father's War, about World War II service records.


Not all materials of interest to genealogists and local historians are in the NCC. For example:

  • R929.72 Burke's Peerage, Baronetage, & Knightage, 107th ed. (3 vols.) The major source for prominent British familes. In Reference.
  • 331.76 His DVD History Happened Here: Many Stories of Loray. Materials gathered for the 2004 Loray Mill conference.


285 His NCC The History of West Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1907-2004.

328.363 Nor NCC, vols. 10 and 11. The Colonial Records of North Carolina (Second Series). Vol. 10 is “The Church of England in North Carolina: Documents 1699-1741.”; vol. 11 covers 1742-1763.

340.072 Pre NCC Prestatehood Legal Materials: A Fifty-State Research Guide, Including New York City and the District of Columbia (2 vols.).

796.72 Woo NCC Silent Speedways of the Carolinas: The Grand National Histories of 29 Former Tracks. Includes the Spindle Center Fairgrounds Speedway in Gastonia as well as tracks in Charlotte and Shelby. Also circulating copies.

929.1 Her NCC Ancestral Trails: The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History, 2nd ed. Also a circulating copy.

929.2 Branch NCC My Branch Family History: From Abingdon, England to Jamestown, Virginia to Burke, Lincoln, and Iredell Counties of North Carolina.

929.2 Craig Cra NCC Craigs…I Reckon. Copies also at Union Road and Jonas.

929.2 Franklin NCC The Descendants of Samuel Ausborn Franklin. The family of a man born in Lincoln County in 1831.

929.2 Hoke I NCC In the Name of God Almighty, Amen. I, Hoke Bequeath…. A history of the Hoke family.

929.3 Byr NCC For So Long as the Sun and Moon Endure: Indian Records from the North Carolina General Assembly Sessions and Other Sources.

929.3 Byr NCC In Full Force and Virtue: North Carolina Emancipation Records, 1713-1860. These are actual transcripts of records relating to the “emancipation” of slaves. There are none for Gaston County, but a number for Lincoln County.

929.3 Hea NCC The Virginia Papers, Volume 5: Volume 5ZZ of the Draper Manuscript Collection. Transcriptions of records relating mostly to the Cherokee Expedition against the Indians in 1776/77. Indexed.

929.3 Jes NCC Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, 4th ed. (3 vols.).

929.3 Jor NCC Cherokee by Blood: Records of Eastern Cherokee Ancestry in the U. S. Court of Claims, 1906-1910. (9 vols.)

929.3 Pag NCC Extract of the Rejected Applications of the Guion Miller Roll of the Eastern Cherokee. (2 vols) An index by applicant’s name to National Archives Microfilm 1104.

929.3 Pet NCC Leasing Away a Nation: The Legacy of Catawba Indian Land Leases.

929.37 Mar NCC Residents of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 1762-1790.

929.375 Swe NCC Virginia Historical Index, by Earl Gregg Swem. (2 vols.) This classic Virginia title indexes seven early periodicals.

929.375 Wyn NCC North Carolina Extant Voter Registrations of 1867.

929.72 Rob NCC Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History, second printing with a 2006 addendum and coda.

975.678 In NCC In Our Own Words: The Story of Lincoln County. A project of the Lincoln County Historical Association. Copies in Lincoln County libraries; circulating copies.

975.7 Sta NCC The Formation of South Carolina Counties.

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