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Footprints In Time -- INDEX: I

The North Carolina Collection at the Main Library contains many specialized magazines on genealogy and Gaston County's history in the textile industry.


In Appreciation to Annette P. Williams Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2001 2
In Memoriam Don Gladden Carpenter, Robert C.   Dec. 2007 153
In Memoriam Larry Philip Leonard Carpenter, Robert C.   June 2008 80
In Memoriam, Mrs. Dora Hill Cline   Vol. 3 1995-1996 104
In Memory of Ann Keener Dellinger, Ann M.   March 2006 2
In Memory of Clarkson "Clark" Nixon     Sept. 1997 186
In Memory of Dr. William Lester Carpenter 1927-1998     Dec. 1998 113
In Memory of Henry Copple III   Winter 1989-1990 170
In Memory of Lena Hayes   Vol. 4 1992-1993 137
In Memory of Linda Bell Carpenter, Robert C.   June 2000 35
In Memory of Mark Smith Carpenter, Robert C.   Dec. 1996 15
In Memory of Melvin B. Johnson   Vol. 4 1992-1993 146
In Memory of Mr. E. L. Mason   Winter 1989-1990 160
In Memory of Wade McKnight   Vol. 4 1992-1993 146
In Memory of Wade Smyre Chapman Bell, Linda A.  Vol. 4 1995-1996 134
In Memory of Zellie Lee Miller   Vol. 3 1993-1994 70
In Search of… the Parents of Ephraim Elmore Elmore, Larry C. Vol. 1  1994-1995 3
Indenture     Summer 1989-1990 49
Indenture of Philip Whitener 1826     Dec. 1997 200
Inquest on Death of Andrew Kiser   Spring 1990-1991 199
Interesting Facts About the 1500's Haynes, Kathy   Sept. 2003 139
Interesting Sayings of the 1700's and 1800's Byers, Jill   Dec. 2003 158
Internet Genealogy Papers Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2015 9
Introduction to the Wills Family Sketch Carpenter, Robert C. Vol. 2 1994-1995 35
Irish Emigration into Lincoln County McAllister, Anne Williams   Sept. 2001 86
Irish Research     June 1999 80
Itinerary of James Ross Reily East of the Catawba Yount, Ray   Sept. 2008 109


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