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Footprints In Time -- INDEX: T

The North Carolina Collection at the Main Library contains many specialized magazines on genealogy and Gaston County's history in the textile industry.


Tanyard Post Office, Gaston County Clemmer, Len   Sept. 2008 121
Taps     Dec. 2005 159
Tax List of Dallas District for the Year 1850 Made by W. F. Holland Esqr.     Dec. 2015 170
There Was a Feud in the County:  How the Implications of that Fact Affected a Family Down Through the Years Taylor, Shirley Haywood   Sept. 2013 115
Things I Found While Looking for Other Things Clemmer, Len   Sept. 2012 127
Thomas Davenport Vineyard, Maribeth Fall 1991-1992 53
Thomas De Ormond   Vol. 2 1993-1994 38
Thomas Harvey White Robinson, Robert L. Spring 1988-1989 26
Thomson's Mercantile and Professional Directory 1851-1852     March 2012 26
Thornburg DNA  Carpenter, Robert C.   June 2013 73
Thornburg DNA Project     Dec. 2009 173
Thornburg Newspaper Article     Dec. 2010 179
Thornburg/ Throneburg DNA Article Thornburgh, Ron   March 2008 17
Thornburgh DNA Project Update     Dec. 2008 173
Those Missing Crowders:  Continuing the Work of Mr. Robert C. Carpenter Keller, Darrell L., Jr.   March 2013 25
Tips for the Care of Water-Damaged Family Heirlooms and Other Valuables     Sept. 1997 185
To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question Taylor, Shirley Haywood   June 2014 62
To Make Your Family Live   Winter 1989-1990 168
Tombstone Terrytory Waldrop, Terry James Vol. 2 1994-1995 63
Tombstone Terrytory   Vol. 1  1995-1996 27
Torrence Family Dale,  Margaret Ware Winter 1989-1990 169
Township Committee Council of Defense (World War I)   Winter 1989-1990 178
Tracing My Carroll Ancestors in Early Lincoln County Clark, James   Dec. 2009 155
Tradition Lingers at Historic Camp Ground   Summer 1988-1989 23
Transcript of Letter from Daniel Hoffmann to Governor Zebulon B. Vance Taylor, Shirley Haywood   June 2012 68
Transcription of a Civil War Letter (From Jacob L. Workman of Lincoln County, NC  to His Wife Nancy Ann Helms Workman While a Prisoner) Whisnant, Helen   March 2013 34
Transcriptions of Civil War Letters:  James H. White to Governor Zebulon B. Vance Taylor, Shirley Haywood   Sept. 2012 121
Transcriptions of Civil War Letters:  JamesMcLure to Governor Zebulon B. Vance Taylor, Shirley Haywood   Sept. 2012 113
Transcriptions of Civil War Letters:  K. I. Kenedy to Governor Zebulon B. Vance Taylor, Shirley Haywood   Sept. 2012 108
Transcriptions of Civil War Papers:  Military Collection, Civil War Collection, Quartermaster Papers, Miscellaneous Records, 1863, Folder #5 Taylor, Shirley Haywood   Sept. 2012 115
Travels and Letters of Our Ancestors Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2010 30
Tribute to Linda Bell Grissop, Sara H.   Sept. 2000 82
Tronburg (Trarbach) Rzeminski, Peter Joseph   March 2002 5
The Tryon County Patriots of 1775 and Their "Association" Parker, Hershel   Dec. 2014 154
Tryon County Wolf Scalps Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2001 3
Tryon Courthouse Historical Sketch Carpenter, Robert C.   Sept. 2004 108
Tuckaseegee Ford     March 1998 3
Tuckaseegee Ford was Pioneers' Passageway     Sept. 1997 187
Tucker's Grove Camp Ground   Fall 1987-1988 6


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