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Footprints In Time -- INDEX: N

The North Carolina Collection at the Main Library contains many specialized magazines on genealogy and Gaston County's history in the textile industry.


N.C. Soldiers Buried at Spotsvania, Va.   Vol. 1  1993-1994 23
Names and Naming Patterns Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2015 3
Names and Towns Come and Go Over the Years Goodnight, Libby   March 1997 50
Naming of Fort Mill, SC     June 2005 72
Nance Family     Sept. 2005 117
Nancy Smith's Receipt to John Wacaster Jr. Sullivan, Kathy Gunter   March 2014 17
Nantz Family Rzeminski, Peter Joseph Vol. 2 1993-1994 34
NC Archives CR.060.102.2:  Lincoln Co. Bastardy Bonds 1828-1959 Elizabeth Dellinger and Smith Dailey, 1855     March 2000 16
NC Trivia   Fall 1987-1988 4
New Data on the Rhyne Family Carpenter, Robert C.   Sept. 1999 92
News from Gaston-Lincoln Public Library Brown, Brian   March 2004 36
News from Gaston-Lincoln Regional Library Brown, Brian   March 2005 26
News from North Carolina Genealogical Society Hopkins, Terri R.   March 2004 38
News from the North Carolina Collection     March 2006 31
Newspaper Article (Obituary for Odis Cleo Eaker)   Spring 1989-1990 251
Newspaper Clippings (Ohio Material)   Winter 1989-1990 159
Newspaper Clippings of Rev. R. C. Anderson   Winter 1989-1990 172
Newspaper Tidits     Sept. 2013 125
Newspaper Tidits Dellinger, Ann   March 2014 31
NGS Conference Proves Helpful to German Researchers Wehunt-Black, Rita   Dec. 2012 187
North Carolina Counties     Summer 1989-1990 37
North Carolina Counties and Parent Counties   Spring 1989-1990 239
North Carolina Family Records Online Carpenter, Robert C.   Sept. 2009 101
North Carolina in Maps Cumming, William P. Spring 1987-1988 38
North Carolina in Maps   Summer 1988-1989 41
North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2010 23
North Carolina Newspaper Project Certificate, The     March 1998 27
North Carolina Weather Service Davis, Mary Sue   Summer 1989-1990 26
Notes on Boggs Families of Pennsylvania and the Carolinas Hough, William W.   Dec. 2004 168
Notice of Sale   Fall 1989-1990 118


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