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Footprints In Time -- INDEX: J

The North Carolina Collection at the Main Library contains many specialized magazines on genealogy and Gaston County's history in the textile industry.


J. H. McIntosh to Governor Zebulon B. Vance     Dec. 2015 166
Jacob Costner Estate Sale, Tryon County 1779 (Part 1) Carpenter, Robert C.   March 2006 3
Jacob Costner Estate Sale, Tryon County 1779 (Part 2) Carpenter, Robert C.   June 2006 57
Jacob Dellinger   Spring 1989-1990 230
Jacob Farni Baptism in Alsace Carpenter, Robert C.   Dec. 2006 124
Jacob Hass Family (Hauss, Huss, Hause, Hoss, Hahs), The Lantz, Sarah Huss   Sept. 2004 122
Jacob Stroup Family     Dec. 2010 158
Jacob Stroup I     Dec. 2010 156
James Armstrong Armstrong, William J. Spring 1989-1990 228
James D. Hall Certificate of Probate of a Will   Vol. 2 1992-1993 110
James Johnston   Vol. 2 1995-1996 45
James Washington Sigmon Rick, Jo Ann Fall 1988-1989 12
James Watts Killian - First Transylvania County Judge Kullian, Bill   Dec. 2003 168
Jane Clark vs. William Walker Sullivan, Kathy Gunter   June 2014 76
Jane Sylvanus Campbell Earney Gibbons, Michael F. Spring 1987-1988 27
Jenkins Families of Tryon and Lincoln Counties, NC by 1800     March 2005 8
Jeremiah J. O'Connell Last Will   Vol. 1  1992-1993 28
JFG Coffee Haynes, Kathleen   Dec. 1998 115
Jill Byers Genealogical Collection Carpenter, Robert C.   Dec. 2014 181
John Adams   Spring 1988-1989 40
John Connelly & Susan Elizabeth Henderson Fite Letters   Summer 1990-1991 26
John Dellinger Dellinger, Paul Vol. 3 1994-1995 102
John Engle   Vol. 3 1995-1996 99
John F. Carpenter (The Lincoln News)     June 2007 79
John Godrey Arndt Grissop, Sara H. Vol. 4 1992-1993 126
John Killian and Wife Elizabeth Zimmerman Killian Hoyle, Linda Barkley   Sept. 2009 90
John McGinnis and Family     March 1997 66
John Rhyne Bible Records   Fall 1987-1988 11
John Scott vs. Peter Smith:  A Horse for Jonas Costner Sullivan, Kathy Gunter   June 2014 75
John Smith Carter, R. Bert Fall 1988-1989 9
John Smith of Gaston County, North Carolina Gladden, J. Donald   Dec. 2005 146
Jonas Huffstetler 1798-1832 Todd, Jane Alice Dilling   March 2000 4
Joseph Alexander Hamilton History   Summer 1991-1992 32
Joseph Baker Family of Lincoln and Gaston Counties, NC Carpenter, Robert C.,  Agnes Bell Yount   Sept. 2005 93
Joseph Mendelhall Huffstetler 1826-1912 Huffstetler, Charles Edward   March 2000 13


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