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Finding Soldiers of "Other Wars"

Cherokee Disturbances and Removal (1836-1839)

  • NOTE: The “Cherokee disturbances and removal” are often referred to in these records as the Cherokee war.
  • 973.5 DOU NCC. North Carolina soldiers in the Cherokee war. by James L. Douthat. These men did not go into battle against or even with the Cherokee. They were troops that accompanied the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears to the West in 1838.
  • 973.5 VOL NCC. Volunteer soldiers in the Cherokee War, 1836-1839. Volunteer soldiers from NC, GA, AL, TN, who served during the removal of Native Americans 1836-1839, known as the Cherokee War, as taken from the Adjutant General's Office files of Compiled Service Records, Record Group 94; also Registers of Enlistments, M-233, NARA.
  • 975 GEN NCC. General Wool's Cherokee removal records. by James L. Douthat. General John Ellis Wool was one of the few professional soldiers in the United States Army at the time of the removal of the Cherokee from the Smokey Mountains to the lands in Oklahoma and Arkansas. His task was to round up the Cherokee in western North Carolina into Fort Butler in Murphy, NC and get them ready for the trek west. These records contain the rations listing for those "poor & destitute". The original of these and other records are found in the NY State Archives collection of General Wool's papers.
  • Records Pertaining to Cherokee Removal, 1836-1839. "There is no comprehensive list of all persons involved in the movement of the Cherokee to Oklahoma (often referred to as the "Trail of Tears"). The following microfilm publications are a good place to begin an examination of the Cherokee disturbances and removal between 1836 and 1839." Go to:
  • The Ancestry Library Edition (only available in all Gaston County library branches) has the following:
    • U.S., Army Indian Campaign Service Records Index, 1815-1858. This database contains alphabetical card indexes to compiled service records of Volunteer soldiers who Belonged to units from North Carolina and served during the Cherokee disturbances and removal, 1836-1839. (NARA M256)
  • Fold3 includes the following:
    • Indian Wars Service Record Index. NARA M629. Index to compiled service records of volunteer soldiers who served during the Indian wars and disturbances from 1815 to 1858.
    • Index to pension files relating to service in the Indian campaigns between 1817 and 1898.
    • Bounty-Land Warrant Applications Index. Index of approved and disapproved bounty-land applications for soldiers who served post-Revolutionary War, 1790-1855. With over 360,000 bounty-land applications, this index covers the years of service spanning the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, and the Mexican War. Soldiers, or their heirs, were allowed to submit an application with affidavits, commissions, discharges, or written declarations as proof of service between 1790 and 1855. The index typically includes information about the soldier's rank, military unit, year of service, state, warrant number and whether or not the application was approved.
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