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Native Americans

Many Peoples

In 1492 the native peoples of North America had many languages and cultures. These varied peoples are often referred to as "tribes", but you may also see the words, "band" or "nation". In more than 500 years there have been many changes in the cultures, locations, etc. of the Native Americans, but they remain a diversifed people. There is no one "Indian" language, music, religion, national costume, etc. This guide will help you to find information on these groups, usually referred to here as "tribes" for convenience.

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    Other editions available:
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  • "Selected American Indian Tribes from Abenaki to the Yurok". Articles from the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. This is part of a larger site, American Indian Heritage Month covering many topics.
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  • "Federally Recognized Tribes", a Wikipedia article with many links to information on specific tribes.
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North Carolina

  • Information on North Carolina Indians and the eight Tribal Communities.
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  • HISTORY IN DVD. In the Heart of Tradition: The Eight State-Recognized Tribes of North Carolina.
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South Carolina

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Books & More Books

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If you are interested in searching for Native American ancestry:


The two largest groups of modern Cherokees are the western Cherokee Nation ( located in Oklahoma where the Cherokees were sent in 1838–39, and the Eastern Band of Cherokees ( here in North Carolina.

  • 929.1 HUB Research in the United States: American Indians of Oklahoma, by Kathy Huber.
  • Tracing Your Cherokee Roots: An informational resource guide for tracing your Cherokee heritage in Oklahoma.
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  • Finding Cherokee & Catawba Indian Ancestors.
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