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There is no one complete transcription of all the cemeteries in the county. We do have many books on individual cemeteries;  some are listed below.  Search our Catalog by doing a Subject search for Cemeteries. Also try a Keyword search for the name of the cemetery.

Also, we have collections of cemetery inscriptions, done at different times and with varying degrees of coverage. Some cemeteries have been transcribed more than once. Below is a list of books, each with an identification code. It is followed by a list of cemeteries and the code(s) for the book(s) they are found in.

N. B. The transcriptions of these cemeteries often differ. It's best to look at all of them as graves may have been lost or become illegible over the years.

  • Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, [929.1 Bul]. References are to specific issues. Code=BOTC.
  • "The Cemetery Printout" [no call number] is a computer printout kept in the North Carolina Room at Gastonia Main. This survey was done in the mid-1970s. There are "Notes" for some of the cemeteries, see this page. Code=CP.
  • Early Church Histories and Cemeteries [929.5 Ear NCC], compiled in 1987, includes cemeteries in Gaston and Lincoln Counties. Code=ECHC. Personal name index here, .
  • Eswau Huppeday, [929.1 Esw NCC] Bulletin of the Broad River Genealogical Society. References are to specific issues. Code=EH.
  • Footprints in Time, [929.1 Foo NCC] journal of the Gaston-Lincoln Genealogical Society. References are to specific issues. Code=FT
  • Gaston County Historical Bulletin [051 Gas NCC]. References are to specific issues. Code=GCHB.
  • Gaston County Records from Wm. Gaston Chapter, DAR. [929.3 D NCC] One volume, unpaged. Compiled 1956. Code=GCR.
  • Gaston/Gastonia Gazette. microfilm. Code=GGZ
  • Lincoln County Family Cemeteries, uncataloged looseleaf volume in Jonas NCC. Some pages typed, some handwritten. Code=LCFC.
  • Old Gravesites Revisited, 3 vols. [929.5 Wal NCC] compiled by Terry Waldrop and others, pub. 1986-1990. Vol. 3 also includes information found in documentary sources on some unmarked graves. At Gastonia and Jonas NCC. Includes Gaston and Lincoln Counties. Code=OGRv#. Some of the cemeteries in this title are online at the Tombstone Transcription Project (see below).
  • West Lincoln County Church Cemeteries, 2 vols. [929.5 Pee NCC] compiled by Helen W. Peeler and others, pub. 1986-1990. At Jonas NCC. Code=WLCCv#.
  • WPA Pre-1914 Cemetery Inscriptions. [929.3 WPA NCC]  Also microfilm - complete set at Gastonia NCC.  Gaston & Lincoln Counties are on roll 3. Copied ca. 1942. Note: Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery on the Cleveland NC/York SC line is at the end of the last reel. Code=WPA.  Gaston County now online here,
    and here


Many gravesite transcriptions are posted online:

Cemeteries can be difficult to locate. The Key to Gaston County Cemeteries [call # 929.509756773 Key NCC] serves as an index to a large map compiled in 1998. The map itself is on two sheets and is kept in the North Carolina Room at Gastonia Main.
Also Cemeteries of Gaston County, North Carolina [call # 929.3 Cem NCC] lists many cemeteries and names the USGS quadrangle map on which the cemetery is located.

List of Cemeteries

Name of Cemetery -- Source Code

A - C

  • Abee Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Abernathy (C. M.) Cemetery aka Abernethy Family Cemetery. CP; GCHB, v. 36 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Alexis Baptist Church Cemetery. ECHC.
  • Antioch [Evangelical] Lutheran Church Cemetery. CP; ECHC.
  • Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 6 no. 4; OGRv1; WLCCv1. Also book: 287.6 Bri NCC.
  • Armstrong Memorial (625 Osceola St, Gastonia). WAs Loray Cemetery.  Earliest burial about 1911.  Became Armstrong Memorial Church Cemetery in the1920s.   Osceola St. first appears in the city directory in 1949.  Now a city owned cemetery.
  • Baker (Edward) Cemetery aka Baker - Sellers. GCHB v. 41 no. 2.; OGRv2.
  • Ballard Road Cemetery see Stroup (Philip) Cemetery.
  • Beaver Dam Lutheran Church see Old Beaver Dam Lutheran.
  • Best Cemetery. "aka" Samuel Best Family Cemetery (Hoyle-Shetley). GCHB v. 4 no. 1; OGRv1; FT Sept 2022. See also Hoyle - Michael - Shetly Cemetery.
  • Bethany Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  Book: 929.3 Bet NCC.
  • Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery. CP.
  • Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery. CP.
  • Bethesda United Methodist Church, Gastonia. GCHB v. 42 no.2.
  • Big Gulley Cemetery see Carpenter (Jacob) Cemetery.
  • Big Joe Carpenter Family Cemetery, see Carpenter - Crouse Cemetery.
  • “Black” Catholic Cemetery see St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery.
  • Black [Family] Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Carpenter - Crouse Cemetery aka Big Joe Carpenter Family Cemetery.
    GCHB v. 8 no. 1 lists as Gaston County; LCFC and OGRv1 list as Lincoln County.
  • Carpenter (Henry) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Carpenter (Jacob) Cemetery aka Big Gulley Cemetery. GCHB v.8 no. 1; OGRv1; FT Sept 2022 (photo only)
  • Carpenter (John) Cemetery see Zimmerman (Hans) Cemetery.
  • Carpenter - Mauney Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Carpenter - Wise Cemetery aka Carpenter Cemetery. GCHB v. 19 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Carson Cemetery. CP.
  • Castanea Presbyterian Church Cemetery. OGRv2.
  • Cherryville Memorial Cemetery.  Book: 929.5 Che NCC.
  • Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery, Stanley. CP; ECHC; OGRv1. Also books: 929.5 Stanley NCC (Stanley Cemetery) and 929.5 Cop NCC.
  • Clemmer Cemetery. CP; OGRv1.
  • Cloninger Cemetery.  Off Hwy 321 and Hwy 279.  OGRv1; OGRv3.  Book: 929.5 Cloninger NCC
  • Cloninger - Derr Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Cloninger - Long Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Cloniger (Michael) Grave. OGRv1.
  • Colored Cemetery. Appears in 1934 Gastonia City Directory as located at "N Oakland nr C&NWRy." Also listed near Potters Field in 1934. In 1938 directory, "N Oakland nr Hardy al."
  • Concord [United Methodist Church] Cemetery. CP; OGRv2.  Also book: 929.3 Com NCC.
  • Costner see Kastner's Church.
  • Costner see also Summey - Costner - Plonk.
  • County Home see Potter's Field.
  • Cox (Charlie R) Cemetery. OGRv2.
  • Cox (Edward D.) Cemetery. OGRv2.
  • Craig Family Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1.
  • Cramer Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Crowder's Creek ARP Church Cemetery. CP.

D - G

  • Dallas Presbyterian Church Cemetery. CP; WPA.
  • [Dameron Road] Cemetery see Kiser - Wilson.
  • Davenport Family Cemetery. CP; FT September 1997; GCHB v. 36 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Dellinger see Smith - Dellinger.
  • Derr see Cloninger - Derr.
  • Dougan see Herron - Mason - Dougan Family Cemetery.
  • Eaker Cemetery aka Old Eaker. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Eaker (Henry) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Ebenezer [United Methodist Church] Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 5 no. 2; OGRv2.
  • Edgewood Cemetery.  Book: 929.5 Edg NCC.
  • Firestone Cemetery at the corner of Belmar Dr. and Iva Ave., Gastonia  Formerly Loray Cemetery.. OGRv3; WPA.  Now owned by the City of Gastonia.
  • Flat Rock Cemetery I. OGRv1. Also book: 929.3 Bel NCC. Maintained by Flat Rock Cemetery Association and Confederate History and Monument Preservation Society.
  • Flat Rock Cemetery II aka Old Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery.  OGRv1. Also book: 929.3 Bel NCC (Online)
  • Flowers Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Former Kastner's Church see Kastner's Church.
  • Friday (Andrew) see Hardin Baptist Church.
  • Friday aka Friday - Harden Cemetery. CP; OGRv1.
  • Froneberger [Family] Cemetery. CP; OGRv1. Also book: 929.3 F NCC.
  • Fulenwider Family Cemetery, High Shoals. GCHB v. 4 no. 1.
  • Gardiner Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Gaston Family Cemetery. OGRv3.
  • Gaston Memorial Park. Gastonia. An entry for this company (Gaston Cemetery Park Corp) first appears in the 1949 city directory.
  • Goshen Presbyterian Church Cemetery aka Old Goshen, Belmont. CP; ECHC; GCHB v. 1 no. 3, v. 2 no. 2 and 3; OGRv3.  Also books 929.3 Gos NCC and 929.3 H NCC.
  • Greenwood Cemetery.  Book:  929.3 Gre NCC (4 vols.).  Reference workroom.

H - K

  • Hager Family Cemetery (“near old Moses Stroup place”).  Aka Hager (Simon) Cemetery aka Hagar-Clark-Stroup Cemetery. CP, GCHB v. 36 no. 1; OGRv2; also FT 2011 p. 176-177, Stroup entries.  Also book 929.3 Str NCC.
  • Harden Church see St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
  • Hardin Baptist Church Cemetery (New), formerly Andrew Friday Cemetery. OGRv1; OGRv3.
  • Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery see Flat Rock Cemeteries (I and II).
  • Hebron Meeting House [not the same as Hebron Baptist Church] -- was at present location of Mt. Zion Baptist, see that entry.
  • Henderson Cemetery aka Henderson (James A.) Cemetery. GCHB v. 4 no. 1; OGRv1, OGRv3.
  • Henderson see Linebarger - Henderson.
  • Henry’s Chapel AME Zion.  Book: 929.5 Hen NCC.
  • Herron - Mason - Dougan Family Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1; OGRv1 [as Dougan - Herron].
  • Hepzibah Presbyterian Church Cemetery see Old Hepzibah Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
  • Hickory Grove Baptist Church Cemetery. CP; OGRv3.
  • Hines - Hovis Cemetery. GCHB v. 6 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Hoffman (John) Cemetery (Dallas).  Not the same as Hufman (John) Cemetery below.  See Find A Grave.
  • Hoke - Col. John Hoke. See Old White Church Cemetery.
  • Hollywood Cemetery, N. Broad St., Gastonia.  First burial, 27 May 1910 (Gastonia Gazette, 27 May 1910 p. 4).  Book: 929.5 Hol MIL NCC.
  • Holy Communion Lutheran Church Cemetery. ECHC; WPA.
    WPA lists as Lutheran Church, Dallas.
  • Hovis (Eve) Grave. GCHB v. 10 no. 1
  • Hovis see also Hines - Hovis.
  • Hovis see also Plonk - Hovis - Richard.
  • Hoyle Family Cemetery. FT Fall 1989-90; OGRv1 [cemetery destroyed].
  • Hoyle - Michael - Shetly Cemetery. CP. See also Best Cemetery.
  • Hufman (John) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Hull Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Jenkins Cemetery aka Jenkins - Thornburg Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Jenkins see White - Jenkins.
  • Johnson (Ruth G. Westbrook) Grave. OGRv1.
  • Johnston Cemetery. GCHB v. 11 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Kastner see Kastner's Church.
  • Kastner's Church aka Old Philadelphia Lutheran aka Philadelphia Evangelical Lutheran aka Kastner (Costner) Cemetery aka Peter Marshall Rhyne - Morris Cemetery, Dallas. CP; ECHC; GCHB v. 5 no. 3 and v. 16 no. 1; OGRv1.  Also books: 284.1 Phi NCC and 929.5 Kas NCC.
    see also Philadelphia Lutheran Church Cemetery [New], Dallas.
  • Kiser [Family] Cemetery aka Kiser (Samuel) Cemetery(near High Shoals). CP; GCHB v. 37, no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Kiser - Huffstetler Cemetery. "aka" Lawrence (Laurence) and Levi Kiser Cemetery. GCHB v. 37 no. 1; OGRv1; FT Sept 2022.
    OGR gives location as Lincoln County.
  • Kiser - McKee Cemetery aka Squire Kiser Homeplace Cemetery. GCHB v. 37 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Kiser - Wilson Cemetery.  Off Dameron Road. CP; FT 1995-96 no. 2; GCHB v.38 no. 2.

L - N

  • Landers Chapel Cemetery [on Long Shoals Road]. CP.  Also article on history of church, cemetery and schoolhouse, but no grave entries in FT 2005.
  • Leonhardt Cemetery. FT Sept 2022.
  • Lewis Family Cemetery.  Book: 929.3 Lew NCC.
  • Linebarger Cemetery. OGRv1; FT Sept 2022 (several photos, location) "aka" Clemmer/Reinhardt/Mason/Lineberger Cemetery.
  • Linebarger or Lineberger - Henderson Cemetery aka Lineberger Family Cemetery. GCHB v, 8 no. 3; OGRv1; OGRv3.
  • Linebarger (Jacob) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Linebarger (John) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Lineberger (John R) Cemetery, North Belmont. GCHB v. 37 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Lineberger - Rhodes Cemetery. CP.
  • Lineberger - Setzer see Setzer.
  • Long see Cloninger - Long.
  • Long Creek [Memorial] Baptist Church Cemetery. CP; ECHC; GCR; OGRv3.
  • Long Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bessemer City. BOTC v. 3 no. 1 and 2; CP; EH v.2 no. 2- some old graves.  Books: 929.3 G NCC and 285 Lon NCC.
  • Loray Cemetery.  There were 2 cemeteries by this name. See Armstrong Cemetery and  Firestone Cemetery.
  • Lutheran Chapel Cemetery [Gastonia]. CP; OGRv2. Also article on history of the cemetery with a few names, FT 2005.
  • Marshall (Peter) Cemetery see Kastner’s Church.
  • Mason see Herron - Mason - Dougan Family Cemetery.
  • Mauney Cemetery. OGRv1.  See also book 929.3 Gri NCC which updates the information in OGR.
  • Mauney see Carpenter - Mauney.
  • McAdenville Old Cemetery. OGRv1.  Also book: 929.5 Hel NCC.
  • McCree (James) Grave. OGRv3.
  • McKee see Kiser - McKee.
  • Morris - Rankin Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Morris see also Kastner's Church.
  • Mosteller Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Mount... see Mt.
  • Mt. Holly City Cemetery see Old Mt. Holly City Cemetery.
  • Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery, Gastonia. CP; GCHB, v. 37, no. 1.
  • Mt. Pisgah Church Cemetery see Old Mt. Pisgah Church Cemetery.
  • Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery.  Book: 929.5 Mou NCC.
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery (Cherryville). ECHC; FT June 2004.
  • Negro Cemetery see Colored Cemetery and Rose Hill.
  • New Hardin Baptist Church Cemetery see Hardin Baptist Church.
  • New Hope [Presbyterian Church] Cemetery. CP.  Also books 929.3 Hof NCC and 929.3 N NCC.
  • New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery. OGRv3.
  • North Oakland Cemetery see Oakland Cemetery.

O - Q

  • Oakland Cemetery, 578-598 North Oakland.  Listed in 1953 Gastonia City Directory as “Oakland Cemetery N. Oakland cor Hardy al”, the address given for Potter's Field and the Colored Cemetery -- see those names.  Owned by the City of Gastonia as North Oakland Cemetery.
  • Oakwood Cemetery. Shown on 1930 Gastonia Sanborn Map at SW corner of W. Franklin Ave. and S. Chester. Appears by the name "Oakland Cemetery" in the 1934 Gastonia City Directory at S Chester sw corner W Franklin av. This cemetery later appears as "Oakwood" in the 1953 Gastonia City Directory. An article in the newspaper in 1944 describes this as "the first cemetery to be developed locally, other than church cemeteries." OGRv3. [According to the Gastonia Gazette, the first grave made in the cemetery was that of Dr. Robert H. Adams June 2, 1888. The Gastonia Gazette, October 7, 1904]
  • O’Conner Grove AME Zion Church Cemetery:  Book: 929.5 OCO NCC.
  • Old Beaver Dam Lutheran Church Cemetery. When the "new" Beaver Dam Lutheran Church was built in 1856, the name was changed to St. Marks. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1.  Also book 929.5 Mau NCC.
  • Old Eaker see Eaker Cemetery.
  • Old Ebenezer see Ebenezer [United Methodist].
  • Old Goshen see Goshen Presbyterian.
  • Old Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery see Flat Rock Cemetery II.
  • Old Hepzibah Presbyterian Church Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 36 no. 1.
  • Old Hovis Cemetery see Hovis (Eve) Grave.
  • Old McAdenville Cemetery see McAdenville Old Cemetery.
  • Old Mt. Holly City Cemetery. OGRv3.
  • Old Mt. Pisgah Church Cemetery. [African American]. OGRv1.
  • Old Philadelphia Lutheran see Kastner's Church.
  • Old Pisgah ARP Church aka Old Pisgah Presbyterian Church Cemetery. BOTC v.9 no. 1; CP; EH v. 4 no. 2; EH v. 27 no. 1 [WPA]; OGRv1. Located off of Kings Mt. Hwy (SE from the intersection of Hwy 74 and I-85). (Also abt. 4 miles west of Pisgah ARP Church Cemetery)
    See also Pisgah ARP.
  • Old Stroup Family Cemetery see Stroup (James).
  • Old White Church Cemetery. FT Sept 2022 (photos)
  • Olney Presbyterian Church Cemetery. CP; OGRv2; WPA.  Also book: 929.5 Dix NCC.
  • Pasour Family Cemetery, Dallas. CP.
  • Pasour (Adam) see Pasour - Paysour Cemetery.
  • Pasour (Malachi) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Pasour - Paysour Family Cemetery aka Pasour (Adam) Cemetery, Dallas. CP; GCHB v. 11, no. 1.
  • Pasour - Rhyne Cemetery aka Pasour Cemetery. GCHB v. 6 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Pasour (Samuel) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Pauper's Cemetery see Potter's Field.
  • Philadelphia Evangelical Lutheran, Dallas see Kastner's Church AND Philadelphia Lutheran [New].
  • Philadelphia Lutheran Church Cemetery [New], Dallas. CP; ECHC.  Also book 284.1 Phi NCC.
  • Pineview Cemetery. OGRv3.
  • Pinhook Cemetery, Lowell. GCHB v. 7 no. 2.
  • Pisgah ARP Church Cemetery. CP; GCR.
    See also Old Pisgah ARP.
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. In 1934 Gastonia City Directory as at Spencer av nr Hillcrest. Colored.
  • Plonk - Hovis -Richard Cemetery. GCHB v. 37 no. 2; OGRv1.
  • Plonk see also Summey - Costner - Plonk.
  • Potter's Field Cemetery. Appears in 1934 Gastonia City Directory as located at "N Oakland nr Hardy al." In 1936 directory, "N Oakland nr C&NWRy."
    FT, Summer 1991-92.
    GGZ, 21 Aug. 1983, p.1B.
  • Quickel - Michael Quickel Cemetery. FT Sept 2022.
  • Quinn (John) Family Cemetery, Cherryville. CP; GCHB v. 37 no. 2.

R - S

  • Ragan Family Cemetery. GCHB v. 10 no. 1; OGRv2.
  • Ramsey Cemetery. CP.
  • Rankin see Morris - Rankin.
  • Reid see Wilson - Reid.
  • Rhodes Family Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Rhodes (Christian) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Rhodes see Lineberger - Rhodes.
  • Rhyne (Jacob II) Cemetery aka Old Rhyne Family Cemetery. GCHB v. 37 no. 2; OGRv1; FT Sept 2022.
  • Rhyne (Jacob M.) Cemetery. GCHB v. 12 no. 1; OGRv1; FT Sept 2022.
  • Rhyne (John) Cemetery. OGRv2.
  • Rhyne (Peter) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Rhyne (Peter Marshall) - Morris see Kastner Church.
  • Rhyne (Solomon) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Rhyne (Thomas) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Rhyne see Pasour - Rhyne.
  • Richard see Plonk - Hovis - Richard.
  • Riverbend United Methodist Church Cemetery. OGRv2.
  • Roberts Cemetery. GCHB v. 37 no. 2; OGRv1.
  • Rose Hill Cemetery,1201-1231 N. Morris, Gastonia. The city acquired the land for this cemetery in 1944. It appears in the 1949 directory as "Negro"; the name Rose Hill appears in the 1959 directory.  Owned by the City of Gastonia.
  • Rudasil (Salome) aka Rudisill (Salomie) Grave, Cherryville. GCHB v. 5 no. 2; OGRv2.
  • Rudisill Cemetery. GCHB v. 13, no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Rush (Molly) Grave. OGRv1.
  • Sain (Jacob) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Saint ... see St.
  • Sandy Plains Cemetery. CP.
  • Sandy Run Baptist Church.  Book: 929.3 G NCC.
  • Setzer Cemetery aka Setzer - Lineberger. GCHB v. 38 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Shidal-Hill Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Shiloh Cemetery, 132 N. Church St, Gastonia. CP; FT June 2007; GCR.  Owned by the City of Gastonia.
  • Sifford Cemetery. GCHB v. 11 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Smith Cemetery, Belmont. CP; OGRv1.  And books: 929.3 For NCC and 929.3 Old NCC.
  • Smith - Dellinger Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Smith's see Smith.
  • Smyrna [Methodist Church] Cemetery. CP; OGRv2.
  • Snowhill United Methodist Church Cemetery. OGRv2.
  • South Point United Methodist.  Book: 929.5 Wil NCC.
  • Spencer Mountain (Old) Cemetery. GCHB v. 38 no. 1; OGRv1.
  • Springs Cemetery (Adam Springs Family Cemetery), McAdenville. GCHB v. 8 no. 3 [2 stones]; OGRv1 [all stones destroyed].
  • St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery (Belmont). African American.  Book: 929.5 Sai NCC.
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 37 no. 2; OGRv3.
  • St. Mark's. When the "new" Beaver Dam Lutheran Church was built in 1856, the name was changed to St. Marks. See Old Beaver Dam Lutheran for the original church cemetery.
  • Stanley Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Stowe aka Stowesville Cemetery. GCR; OGRv1.
  • Straup (Elizabeth) see Stroup (Elizabeth).
  • Stroup (Elizabeth) Cemetery. OGRv1; OGRv2.
  • Stroup (James) Cemetery aka Old Stroup Family Cemetery. GCHB v. 38 no. 1; OGRv1; FT Dec 2011. Also book 929.3 Str NCC.
  • Stroup (Lawson) Cemetery aka Old Stroup Family Cemetery. GCHB v. v. 5 no. 2; OGRv1; FT Dec 2011.  Also book 929.3 Str NCC.
  • Stroup (Philip) Cemetery AKA Ballard Road Cemetery. OGRv1; FT Dec 2011.  Also book 929.3 Str NCC.
  • Summey - Costner - Plonk Cemetery. GCHB v. 38 no. 1 and 2.

T - Z

  • Tabernacle Methodist Church Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Tate's Chapel Cemetery. CP.
  • Thornberg see Jenkins Cemetery.
  • Union Presbyterian Cemetery (Gastonia). CP.  Also book 929.3 Uni NCC.
  • Weaver Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Webb Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Wehunt Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Wells Cemetery, Belmont. GCHB v. 5 no. 2 and v. 13 no. 2.  Also book 929.5 Wel NCC.
  • White-Jenkins Cemetery aka White Family Cemetery. CP; GCHB v. 12 no. 2; OGRv1.
  • Williams Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Wilson (Tennis) Grave [African American]. OGRv1.
  • Wilson - Reid Cemetery, Lowell. GCHB v. 40 no. 1.
  • Wilson see also Kiser - Wilson.
  • Wingate (James F. Jr.) Cemetery. OGRv1.
  • Wise see Carpenter - Wise.
  • Zimmerman (Hans or Hons aka John Carpenter) Cemetery. GCHB v. 36 no. 1.
  • Zimmerman see also Carpenter.

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