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Gastonia and Gaston County, North Carolina by Piper Peters Aheron; INDEX: D


Subject Page 
Daily Worker 54
dairy, Cramerton 36 (photo)
Dallas Grill 91
Dallas Jail Restaurant 74
Dallas Railroad Depot 99
Dallas Railroad Depot 99 (photo)
Dallas, Bank of 45
Dallas, campers from the Town of  9 (photo)
Dallas, campers from the Town of  9
Dallas, George Mifflin, Vice President 23
Dallas, NC 8, 9, 22, 23, 33, 40
Dallas, NC, town of 23 (photo)
Daughters of the American Revolution float 14 (photo)
Dederichs, Peter 79
Dickson, Joseph, Capt. 7, 12, 14
Dickson, Joseph, Capt., Historical Marker 14 (photo)
Dickson's farm 14
Diesal Electric Switcher 104
Down Home day, Bessemer City 94
Draper, B. S. 56
Dreiser, Theodore 55
Durham Bull advertisement painting 105
Dutchman's Creek 39

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