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Gastonia and Gaston County, North Carolina by Piper Peters Aheron; INDEX: P


Subject Page 
Parent-Teacher Association, Gaston County 68
Patton, Fran 106
Paysour, Don 108 (photo)
Pendlenton, Bertha Wells 21 (photo)
Pendlenton, Melvin, Jr. 21 (photo)
Penegar, Lucy 126
Penitentiary, Dallas 74 (photo)
Perky, Bob 108 (photo)
Pershing, George 54
Pharr Worsted Mills 102
Piedmont and Northern Commuter Depot 123
Piedmont Traction Company 104
Pinhook Mill 38 (photo)
Pinhook Mill 8, 38
Pioneer Mother float 14 (photo)
planes, small 125 (photo)
Plant Allen, Belmont, NC 39 (photo)
Plant Allen, Belmont, NC 39, 64
poem, "Our Grandmothers" 97
Poitier, Sidney 49
Police, Gastonia 51, 54, 55
polio epidemic 115
Post Office, Gastonia 51 (photo)
Post offices 8
Preservation North Carolina 53
Price, Steve 108 (photo)
Pullman Standard Sleeper Lounge 104
Pursley, Hugh 69 (photo)

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