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Early Church Histories and Cemeteries of Gaston and Lincoln Counties INDEX: E


Eaker, Sarah J. 28
Earney, Bessie Annie 12
Earney, Dora Etter 11
Earney, Geneva 12
Earney, George F. 12
Earney, Ralph E. 12
Earnhardt, R. Boyce, Rev. 144
Easterly, George, Rev. 15
Easterly, George, Rev. 176
Eddings, Young W. 114
Edward, infant boy 53
Edward, William James 53
Edwards, Albertie Blanch 53
Edwards, Albertie Blanche 75
Edwards, Catherine E. 53
Edwards, Daniel F. 53
Edwards, Effie Elizabeth 171
Edwards, infant boy 53
Edwards, infant girl 53
Edwards, John W. 53
Edwards, Julia E. 54
Edwards, Kathereen 78
Edwards, Robert A. 54
Edwards, William R., Capt. 81
Elizabeth, Ann 155
Ellis, Gary Lee 192
Elmore, Dora C. 28
Elmore, Hilda Irene 28
Elmore, Mary J. 28
Elmore, Miles Chesley 28
Elmore, Robert Chesley 28
Elmore, William W. 28
Elvin, Callie 54
Elvin, Robert 54
Ely, Hazel Johnson 53
Epps, Ellen P. 81
Epps, John A. 81
Ervin, C. M., Pastor 1
Ervin, Mary J A G 151
Ervin, William Rome 151
Estes, George Cecil 114
Estes, Millie Edwards 115
Estes, Thelma 115
Etters, John H. 28
Etters, Sarah F. 28
Etters, Will H. 29
Evans, Ruby Stowe 151
Ewing, Hugh 170
Ewing, Hugh F. 171
Ewing, infant daughter of J. R. and I. 164
Ewing, Isabella H., daughter of S. L. and R. 171
Ewing, Jane C. 171
Ewing, John R. 164
Ewing, Louisa M. 171
Ewing, Mary 164
Ewing, Mary J. C. 164
Ewing, Nancy L., daughter of H. E. and M. E. 171
Ewing, Rachel 171
Ewing, Robert A. 171
Ewing, S. L. 171
Ewing, S. R. 164
Ewing, Sarah 170

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