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Early Church Histories and Cemeteries of Gaston and Lincoln Counties INDEX: Q


Queen, Ephriam N. 134
Queen, Ila P. 134
Queen, John R. 147
Queen, Lanie Sadler 147
Queen, Martha P. 149
Queen, Mary Annie 134
Queen, Roy H. 134
Queen, Sena Sherrell 147
Quesada, Bonnie Stroupe 3
Quesada, George A. 3
Quinn, Bessie C. 188
Quinn, Clarence 179
Quinn, Eliza E. 91
Quinn, Elizabeth L. 179
Quinn, Emrid A. 188
Quinn, Eula Lia Pasour 179
Quinn, Ila May 102
Quinn, James Peterson 179
Quinn, John 176
Quinn, John T. 179
Quinn, Thomas B. 179
Quinn, Thomas F. 179
Quinn, William D. 179
Quinn, William R. 179

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