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Early Church Histories and Cemeteries of Gaston and Lincoln Counties INDEX: Y


Yoder, Charles Howard 43
Yoder, Ellen C. 224
Yoder, J. C. 43
Yoder, J. Henry 224
Yoder, Jane Heavner 43
Yoder, John, Rev. 176
Yoder, Lillie Anthony 43
Yoder, R. A., Pastor 86
Young, Carroll Noah, Rev. 176
Young, Nancy Lou 142
Yount, A. C. 224
Yount, A. Junius 224
Yount, Annie Falls 224
Yount, Bobby, Rev. 190
Yount, C. N., Pastor 86
Yount, C. N., Rev. 15
Yount, C. N., Rev. 182
Yount, C. N., Reverend 44
Yount, Charles B., Jr. 224
Yount, Charles Blair 224
Yount, Daniel L. 224
Yount, Dorothy Corenia 224
Yount, Ed, Pastor 1
Yount, Fannie P. 224
Yount, Flossie R. 224
Yount, George Martin 224
Yount, Horace F. 225
Yount, infant son of S. and C. 225
Yount, James C. 225
Yount, Jessie May 225
Yount, Julius L. 225
Yount, Junius Carr 225
Yount, Lula Goodnight 225
Yount, Mamie Alice 225
Yount, Margaret  225
Yount, Rebecca E. Young 225
Yount, Roy 225
Yount, Samuel 225
Yount, Samuel 225
Yount, Samuel Walter 225
Yount, Sarah 225

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