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Early Church Histories and Cemeteries of Gaston and Lincoln Counties INDEX: K


Kale, Clyde H. 36
Kale, May Shull 36
Kale, N. Albert 37
Kale, Ruth M. 37
Kastner, Adam 97
Kastner, Adam 176
Keener, Barbara Joan 37
Keeter, Tommy Allen 126
Keever, C. Earl 186
Keever, Ethel Mae Heafner 186
Keith, Barbara Ann 126
Key, John L. 126
King, W. H. 127
Kinley, J. Samuel 127
Kinnean, Corrine Homesley 76
Kinsey, Georgia Rosette 148
Kirbey, J. E. 60
Kirby, Theordore C. 127
Kirkscy, Scofield 127
Kirksey, Cora L. 60
Kirksey, E. R. and C. L. 60
Kirksey, Edward R. 60
Kirksey, Emily S. 127
Kirksey, infant 1943 60
Kirksey, infant son of M. M. and L. L. 60
Kirksey, J. W. 127
Kirksey, Lillian O. 127
Kirksey, M. C. 75
Kirksey, M. L. Cannon 60
Kirksey, Marvin C. 75
Kirksey, Marvin E., Jr. 60
Kirksey, Mary H. 60
Kirksey, Mertie Clemmer 127
Kirksey, Sivvot (Sid) 127
Kirksey, Tina Whistnant 60
Kiser, Baby John 165
Kiser, Benny 165
Kiser, infant son of D. A. and Mary 186
Kiser, Mary A. 127
Kisser, James W. 127
Kistler, Ann 82
Kistler, Paul 82
Knight, Jesse Willie "Pappy" 127
Knight, John Samuel 127
Knox, Mary C. 127

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