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Gaston County Public Library History


          24 February 1910

  • Gastonia Library Association requested the Y.M.C.A. to assume control of the library, due to insufficient operating costs and other problems. (Separk book, p. 71) The income from Y.M.C.A. room rentals was insufficient for the Gastonia Library Association to add to the book collection. (GGZ 22 Feb 1910)


          20 January 1911

  • Library reopened after being forced to close for several months due to lack of operating funds. Y.M.C.A funding, subscription fees, and public contributions were not enough to initially keep the library open, until the Y.M.C.A. agreed to take over the library and citizens solicited additional funds amounting to $400 to resume operations several months later. (GGZ, 10 Oct 1940) (Separk book, p. 72)


          May 1911

  • Lyceum course of musical events and lectures instituted by Librarian Charlotte “Lottie” Blake, local talent shows, plays, and the Gastonia Women’s Betterment Association (forerunner of the Women’s Club) all helped raise money to keep the library open. (GGZ, 10 Oct 1940), (GGZ 20 April 1969)


          May 1915

  • The Gastonia Public Library started new hours. The library now opened from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 4 to 7 pm. (GGZ 21 May 1915, p. 7)


          1 January 1917

  • Col. C. B. Armstrong, Mr. Andrew Moose, and Mr. Roberts made talks advocating a library building, during a meeting of the Woman’s Betterment Association. (GLRL Today and Tomorrow: a self study,1977 [027.422 G NCC])


          13 February 1917

  • Library Committee and the Gastonia Women’s Betterment Association called together to meet Attorney Stephen B. Dolley to hear his proposition by which the committee and the Women’s Betterment Association would seek increased annual library funding by petitioning the city. (GLRL Today and Tomorrow: a self study,1977, 027.422 G NCC)


          14 March 1917

  • Gastonians successfully petitioned the city for increased funding, when the Gastonia City Council voted to increase annual appropriations from $125 to $600. (GGZ 16 March 1917, page 2) (GGZ, 10 Oct 1940), (GGZ 20 April 1969). The library then no longer required an individual subscription fee from the residents of Gastonia. (Gaston Co. Public Library 1905-1981, 027.422 CHR NCC) (NC Library Bulletin, June 1918, Vol. 3, p. 119-120)



  • The Library Committee met each month and administered the library. Y.M.C.A Board of Trustees appointed the Library Committee members.
  • Gastonia City Council voted to increase the library appropriation from $600 to $1000 per year. (GGZ, 10 Oct 1940) The increased funding was in addition to the Y.M.C.A. monthly funding of $30 and gifts of citizens. (GLRL Today and Tomorrow: a self study,1977, 027.422 G NCC) (Gaston Co. Public Library 1905-1981, 027.422 CHR NCC)


          May 1918

  • According to a bulletin issued by the North Carolina Library Association it was stated that Gastonia’s library had the largest circulation for the number of volumes it contained of any library in North Carolina. (GGZ, 10 Oct 1940)

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