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Checking Your Facts

Worried about "fake" or biased news?  Here are a few sources that may help:


What is a citation?

While researching a subject you may encounter an idea or quote from a book, journal or website that you’d like to include in your paper to help support your argument or to illustrate a point. When referencing or including an excerpt from another source, you want to include a citation to the source in order to:

  1. Provide credit to the original author(s) of the content you have included.
  2. Allow readers to find the source if they want to read more.


If you paraphrase an idea or include a direct quote, you must give credit for the idea or quote by citing the original source. Not doing so is considered plagiarism. Your instructor will tell you which format you should use for your citations.

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Author: Gaston County Public Library
Title: Citation Styles
Updated: 16 August 2022

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