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Inventors patent their inventions for legal and commercial rights. Search Google Patents for the name of an invention and/or inventor and you may find a copy of the original patent. Drawings and descriptions are included with many of the patents in the database.
Go to:

Be aware that many patents are similar in name and design since inventors build upon one another's work. For example you'll find hundreds of patents when you search for "light bulb." To narrow your search down to a reasonable number try Google Patent Advanced Search entering the patent title and/or inventor name.
Go to:


Biographies to Check Out


Technology (Computer Scientists)

Search our Catalog by Subject for: computer technology *biography


Search our Catalog by Subject for: engineers *biography for biographies of individuals.


Search our Catalog by Subject for: *mathematicians biography


In our Catalog do a Keyword search for:

  • Inventor
  • Women Inventor*

Also try searching by a specific name; for example, Eli Whitney.

Note that many scientists and mathematicians referenced in this section are also considered inventors; example: Hypatia of Alexandria in Women in Mathematics is credited with inventing the astrolabe for navigation at sea.


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