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Gaston Centennial Souvenir Program INDEX: F


Fairmont Fabrics Co. 132 (advt.)
Falls, Mr. 114
Farm Officials, Gaston 81 (photographs)
Farm Products, Value of 83
Farrell, R. P. (Cotton) 158 (advt.)
Farris, John 70
Fayssoux, J. O., Mrs. 78
Ferguson Gear Co. 144 (advt.)
Firestone Textiles, Inc. 139 (advt.)
Fisher, C. C. 60
Fite, C. A. 94
Fite, Charlie 94
Flint Manufacturing Company 116 (advt.)
flood, 1916 104
Flowers, R. L. Dr. 28 (photo), 29
Folk, B. P.  76
Ford Funeral Home, Inc. 157 (advt.)
Forrester, O. K. 60
Fort Mill, S.C. 124
Fowler, H. L. 103
Fowler, Henry 104
Foy, Leon 70
Fraley, J. L., Commander, Tryon Post 100, Cherryville 8 (photo)
Friday, Betty 112
Friday, Dave, Mrs. 112
Friday, G. L., Commander, Dallas Post 8 (photo)
Friday, Genevieve, Miss 78
Friday, Grady 112
Friday, Rudd 111
Froneberger, D. P. 108
Froneberger, I., and Company Goods 114
Froneberger, Kenneth 60
Fruits and Produce, P. P. Leventis and Company 134 (advt.)
Fulenwyder, Henry 114
Fuller, W. S. 154 (advt.)
Furniture Companies 97, 109

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