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Gaston Centennial Souvenir Program INDEX: K


Kale, A. Q., Mr. 117
Kale, C. W., Mayor of Belmont 92 (photo), 93, 95
Kale, Mr. 114
Kale-Carpenter murder trial 114
Katterman-Mitchell Company 120
Kay's (Dress Shop) 157 (advt.)
Kendrick Brick and Tile Company, Mount Holly, N.C. 104 (advt.)
Kendrick, G. L. 103
Kendrick, J. L. 129
Kenley's Cash Grocery 154 (advt.)
Killian, Guy C. 129
Kincaid Cotton Co.  147 (advt.)
Kincaid Service Station and Garage, Bessemer City 109 (advt.)
Kincaid, John Joseph and Leola Ragan 21
Kings Mountain Battleground 131
Kings Mountain, Battle of 99
Kiser, Henry L. 107
Kiser, Howard, Mrs. 78
Kiser, Mary Sue 79
Kiser, O. L., Prof. 120
Kiser, Paul 76, 81 (photo)
Kitchin, Thurman, Dr. 32 (photo), 33
Knapp, Seeman A., Dr. 76
Knauff, Billy, and his Orchestra 72 (photo)
Knauff, Billy, and vocalist 73 (photo)
Ku Klux Klan 113

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