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Gaston Centennial Souvenir Program INDEX: W


Wales, M. B., Mrs. 130
Walker, C. C. 111
Walker, G. G., Motor Company 144 (advt.)
Walker, Pete (Shoe Repair) 156 (advt.)
Wallace Furniture and Appliance Co. 121 (advt.)
Wallace, J. E. 90, 118 (photo), 119
Wallace, James E. 120
Wallace, Reid, Mrs. 78
Wallace-Ford Funeral Home 121 (advt.)
Walton, James 60
War Between the States 119
Warden, R. K. (Jones-Beal of Carolina) 151 (advt.)
Warren, Ernest R. 129
Waters, Fred M. 130
Watson Insurance Agency 156 (advt.)
Watson, Jenny Craig, Miss 7 (photo), 60, 89
Watson, Thomas C. 156 (advt.)
Weathers, Call, Aunt 112
Webb, Garcon 90
Weil Brothers, Cotton Merchants 151 (advt.)
Welch, Cleveland D. 115
WGNC radio station 160 (advt.)
Whetstone Mountain 107
White, J. B., clerk of court 114
White, James H. 111, 114
White, Sarah M., Mrs., Contest Director 62 (photo)
White, Sarah Mason, Mrs., Oldest Workers Contest 60
White, T. J., and Co. 147 (advt.)
Whitehall Knitting Mills 104
Whitesides, Labe, Mrs. 78
Whitney, C. E. 108
Wicks, Jack 60
Wilkes, Charles, Captain 113
Wilkins, John A. 129
Wilkins, Mabel 112
Wilkinson, T. F.  120
Williams, J. C. 107
Williams, W. M. 93
Williford, Quay D., and Company 153 (advt.)
Willis, George G. 87 (photo), 89
Wilson Transfer Co., Inc. 144 (advt.)
Wilson, Brown 54
Wilson, Brown W. 131
Wilson, Lee, Mr. 112
Wilson, T. W. 130
Windham, Charlie 60
Winter, John D. 160 (advt.)
Withers, S. and M., carriage factory 114
WIX Accessories Corp., Gastonia, N.C. 134 (advt.)
Wolfe, Carl, Dr. 114
Woodlawn 103
Woodlawn Business College 104
Woodlawn Mill 125
Wooten Station 107
Wooten, W. M. (Cotton) 158 (advt.)
World War I, historical pageant 16, 17
World War II, historical pageant 18
Wray, Joe S. 130
Wright, Taft, Chicago White Sox 52 (photo), 53, 54
Wright, William "Bill" 125
Wright's Station 125
Wyatt, Robert E. 64 (photo), 68
Wynne, I. E. (Universal Winding Co.) 146 (advt.)

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