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The Civil War Month by Month: Sep 1864

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Civil War 150th anniversary

The Civil War 150th Anniversary

Interesting facts, links, and suggested books for each month of the Civil War.

September 1864

This Month's Events

  • 1 September. General John B. Hood's Confederates withdraw from Atlanta. The next day Union forces under General William Tecumseh Sherman will occupy the city.

  • 3 September. A "dump Lincoln" movement is growing within the Republican Party. The Democratic Party, sensing opportunity in the upcoming election, has included a platform plank declaring the war "a failure". Then news comes in from Sherman. "Atlanta is ours and fairly won."

  • 16 September. As the Confederate food supply in Petersburg, Virginia dwindles, a scout finds a herd of cattle guarded by Union troops some miles outside the city. General Wade Hampton takes more than 4,000 men on a "cattle rustling" expedition and leads a 7 mile long procession of soldiers and cattle back to Petersburg.

  • 19 September. In the second Battle of Cabin Creek, Oklahoma a Confederate force, commanded by brigadier generals Richard M. Gano and Stand Watie (a Cherokee chief and the highest ranking Native American in the Confederate forces), captures a supply train of three hundred wagons from Major Henry M. Hopkins of the Second Kansas Cavalry.

  • 19 September. The 1st Georgia Regulars are stationed on Whitmarsh Island off Georgia. They are extremely hungry. In his journal Sergeant W. H. Andrews describes the men's daily hunt for rats and acorns. "I have tried the acorns, but am not quite hungry enough to go the rats." He also comments, "The boys are having a good time gathering oysters and crabs. While I like the oysters very well, don't like the crabs. They are just about as much like meat as a maypop is like a vegetable."

  • 24 September. The 44th N. C. is "throwing up Brestworks some 4 miles south of the city of Petersburg between the Boydton [?] and Petersburg plank road and the Weldon R Road. we are throwing up a line to keep the Yankees from going on the Danville R Road Lines." The line to Danville, Virginia and thence into North Carolina is now Lee's vital connection to food and supplies from the south.

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