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The Gaston County Historical Bulletin INDEX: 1954-1980: I


Illustrations, New Hope Presbyterian Chapel Museum 14--2--1
Index, Cemeteries 16--1--4--3
Indian burying ground 18--1--3--2
Indian Meadows, quilt 22--1--1--2
Indian Meadows, quilt 22--1--4--1
indian, struck by woman 22--2--6--2
Indians, Catawba 20--1--3--1
Indians, Catawba 22--2--6--2
Information Being Sought About Doctors of Early Gaston County 11--2--2--1
Information Gladly Exchanged In Search Of Valuable Historical Facts And Data (article) 3--1--4--1
Information on Railroads 25--1--4--2
Information, Please (request Abt. Ann Murphy wife to Joseph Jenkins) 12--1--4--3
Information, Please (request Abt. daughter of Alexander Rankin) 12--1--4--3
Ingleside of the Forneys 4--2--3--2
Intolerable Acts 22--2--5--2
Introduction of Speaker "Treason at Tryon?" Program, Aug 14, '75 22--1--4--2
Irish Catholic families 22--2--4--3
Irish Catholic families 22--2--6--3
Iron Furnace 1--4--1--1
Iron Furnace 1--4--2--2
Iron Furnace 1--4--2--3
iron industry, Lincoln County, NC 12--2--1--1
iron industry, Lincoln County, NC 12--2--4--1
iron mills 3--3--1--1
iron ore 1--4--1--1
iron ore 1--4--2--2
iron ore, magnetic 12--2--1--1
ironworks, High Shoals 3--2--4--3
Irvin, John B. 9--1--4--3
Irvin, Widow 9--1--4--2
Irvin, Widow 9--1--4--3
Irwin, James P., Mrs. 25--1--4--3
Irwin, Thomas 15--1--3--1
Isom, slave 5--1--1--2
Israel, M. L., Mrs. 12--2--2--1
Ivey, Edna 1--1--3--2
Ivey, T. N. 2--1--3--1
Ivey. George W., Rev. 2--1--3--1


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