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The Gaston County Historical Bulletin INDEX: 1954-1980: V


Van Dyke, John A. , painter of George Dallas portrait 22--2--6--3
Van Sleen Cabinet 19--1--4--3
Van Sleen, Henry M. 19--1--4--3
Vance, Charlie 1--3--3--2
Vance, Governor 1--3--3--2
Vantyne 2--2--1--1
Vaseff, James R. Mr. 22--1--2--2
Vaughn, C. L., architect of Gaston College buildings 9--2--3--3
Vaughn, Eliza 22--2--6--1
Vesuvius Furnace 4--2--3--2
Vesuvius Furnace 12--2--4--1
Vipperman, J. L., Dr. 4--1--2--3
Vipperman, J. L., Rev. 15--2--2--3
Virginia Reel dance 13--2--3--1
Vivian Manufacturing Company 5--4--3--1

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