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The Gaston County Historical Bulletin INDEX: 1954-1980: O


Oakley, Nancy 6--3--4--1
Oates homes 2--4--1--3
Oates, Alex D. 2--1--2--2
Oates, John, Sr. 1--4--3--3
Oates, John, Sr. 1--4--4--1
Oates, John, Sr. 1--4--4--2
Oates, John, Sr. 2--4--3--2
O'Brien, E. F. 12--2--4--3
O'Brien, J. W. B. 12--2--4--3
O'Connell, J. J., Father 22--2--4--2
O'Connell, Jeremiah J. 4--2--1--3
Officers Elected at February Meeting 18--1--3--3
officers, Gaston County Historical Society 1--1--2--1
Ogle, Ben C., Dr. 12--2--2--3
Oglethorpe, John Newman 12--1--1--2
Oglethorpe, John Newman 12--1--1--3
Old Cemetery Records Reveal Inexorable Passing of History 8--3--1--2
Old Courthouse at Dallas Speaks 23--1--3--1
Old Dickson Field 2--1--2--3
Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow 3--1--4--2
Old Furnace 1--4--2--3
Old Furnace   1--4--1--2
Old Furnace on Big Long Creek 1--4--1--1
Old Furnace, NC 5--4--3--1
Old Hat Factory, Dallas, NC 3--2--4--3
Old Homes In Gaston: Moses Moore Roberts home 6--1--3--1
Old Homes In Gaston: William Davis Glenn home 6--4--3--2
Old Nation Ford 19--1--4--1
Old Point Fort 22--2--1--1
Old Timey Coffins 21--1--4--3
Old Tombstones are a Revelation on Old Families 5--3--3--1
Old Tombstones Reveal Wealth of History on Many Pioneer Families 5--2--1--2
Old Towne 20--1--1--3
Old Tryon Genealogical Society, history of-- 21--1--2--2
Old Tryon Genealogical Society, history of-- 21--1--2--3
Oliver Sulphur Mining Company 2--4--4--1
Oliver, Elizabeth 1--2--2--3
Oliver, George 5--3--2--3
Oliver, George 13--2--4--3
Oliver, Harriet 1--2--2--3
Olmstead, Professor 4--2--3--1
One Thousand Dollars is Pledged 26--1--3
Opera House 20--1--2--3
Order Coupon for Our Kin Reprint 13--2--4--3
Ordinance of Secession 1--1--3--2
Ormand Furnace 24--1--1--3
Ormand Furnace 24--1--2--3
Ormand Furnace 24--2--2--2
Ormand, Dwight Henry 21--1--3--1
Ormand, Robert S. 21--1--3--1
Ormand, William Leon 21--1--3--1
Ormand's Furnace 22--2--1--1
Orme, son of Hugh, Abbot of Abernethy 3--1--2--2
Orr. W. W., Dr. 2--2--3--1
Orthopedic Hospital 20--1--2--2
Orthopedic Hospital, 1977 closing of-- 24--1--2--1
Osage Mill 2--2--3--1
Osborne 10--1--2--2
Osborne, Adlai, Captain 1--3--1--1
Osborne, Nellie 7--1--3--1
Osment, Minnie 1--3--2--3
Other Reminiscents Of Mrs. Carrie Lewis 13--2--3--1
Our Aim Is Lofty 6--3--2--1
Our Kin by Miles Hoffman 2--4--1--3
Our Kin is Reprinted 14--1--1--3
Our Kin is Reprinted 14--1--2--3
Our Kin May Get Another Printing 12--2--2--2
OUR KIN Reprint Orders Are Now Being Accepted 13--2--1--1
Our Kin, by Laban Miles Hoffman 1--2--2--1
Our Kin, by Miles Hoffman 15--1--1--1
Overman, Cornelia 1--3--3--2
Owens, Lib 22--2--6--2
Oyster, Michael 24--2--1--2
Oyster, Michel 19--1--3--2
Oyster, Peter 19--1--3--2
Oyster, Peter 24--2--1--2

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