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Gastonia Centennial Commemorative Book 1877-1977 INDEX: E


 Eagle Store  44
 Eargle, Zane  20
 Eastridge Mall  9 (photo)
 Ebbets Field   12
 Eddleman, H. M.  41
 Edison, Joan, Mrs.  38
 Edwards, Virginia  23
 Efird, Hoyle  44
 Eichenlaub, Gregory, Father  20
 Eisenhower, Dwight  7
 Elder, John  7
 Eldercare Convalescent Service of Gaston County  40
 Eldridge, Everett  16
 Eldridge, Jimmy  16
 Elliott, Carl  45
 Elliott, J. C.  44
 Elm Street  50
 Elmore, C. C., Jr.  45
 Emmett, J. W.  17
 Employment Security Commission  38
 entertainment, Gastonia  21
 Erwin, Daisy N., Mrs.  7
 Erwin, H. J., Dr.  7, 8
 Erwin, Herbert J., Jr., Dr.  8
 Erwin, Herbert J., Sr., Dr.  8
 Erwin, Prince, Jr.  8
 Excelsior Credit Union  8

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