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Gastonia Centennial Commemorative Book 1877-1977 INDEX: F


 Falls House  26
 Falls, J. Laban  47
 Falls, W. T.  26
 Family Counseling Service  38
 Farris, John  44
 Farriss, J. T.  26
 federal marshal, first black  8
 Ferguson Park  17
 Ferrante and Teicher  23
 Fiedler, Arthur  23
 Fire Department  44
 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company  48
 firsts, African-American, Gastonia  7, 8
 Flood of 1916  4
 Floyd, C. W., Dr.  42
 Floyd, Cleveland, Dr.  9
 Flynn Fellowship Home  38
 Franklin Avenue, name of  50
 Franks, Isabelle Babington, Mrs.  1 (photo)
 Friends of the Library  44
 Froneberger (1954, Gaston Post 23)  14 (photo)
 Froneberger, Jane Quinn  31 (photo)
 Frost Torrence & Co., drug store  26

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