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Gastonia Centennial Commemorative Book 1877-1977 INDEX: J


 J. D. Moore Mercantile Company, 1896  27 (photo)
 jail, Dallas  45
 jail, Gastonia  45
 Jaycees  36
 Jeffers, Maude M.  8
 Jeffers, T.  20, 42
 Jeffers, Thebaud, Mayor  9
 Jenkins Metal Shop  46
 Jenkins, Coit and Marie Rhyne  53
 Jenkins, Coit and Marie Rhyne, House of  53 (photo)
 Jenkins, George, Mayor  7
 Jenkins, L. L.  22, 44
 Jenkins, Laban  46
 Jenkins, Laban L.  27
 Jenkins, W. H.  26
 Jewish citizens  9
 Johnson, "Buddy"  44
 Johnson, Spark (Gastonia High, 1915)  18 (photo)
 Johnston, Rufus M., Mrs.  36
 Jones, D. M.  27
 Jones, Everett  36
 Jones, Lloyd H.  8
 Junior Commandos  7
 Justice of the Peace, first  7

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