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Gastonia Centennial Commemorative Book 1877-1977 INDEX: K


 Kaltenborn, H. V.  37
 Kaneer, John (1896)  27 (photo)
 Karakul, Joe (1952)  13 (photo)
 Karyae Park  22, 34
 Karyae, Greece  7
 Kaylor, Charles  39
 Kendrick, Martha  23, 24
 Kennedy's Drugstore, interior of   25 (photo)
 Kersh, Edith  23, 24
 Kidde, Walter  48
 Killian (1954, Gaston Post 23)  14 (photo)
 Kincaid, J. J.  27
 Kings Mountain, Battle of  36
 Kirby, Suzanne  24
 Klutz Machine and Foundry  48
 Kuhn, Bowie  11

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