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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: A


Abernathy family 2006 April
Abernathy, Julia 2003 October
Abernathy, W. Clay, Sheriff  (image of tax receipt with his name) 2003 April
Adams, Robert H. 1997 May
Adelphotis Arahovitas 1999 September
Aderhold, O. F., Chief 2001 April
Aderholt, O. F., Police Chief 2003 September
Air Conditioning 2007 June
Alexander, Margaret 2004 October
Alexander, Robert (photograph of the Robert Alexander Home) 2002 August
Alexander, Ruth 2007 October
All Healing Mineral Springs Resort Hotel (original stationary, 1886) 1997 Front Cover
All Healing Springs Station 2000 March
All Healing Springs, Gaston County, NC 2007 February 
Alsace--Mount Holly Cotton Mill 2005 July
American Communist Party 2001 April
Angell, James R. 2004 July
architecture, Greek Revival style 2002 June
Arends, J. G., Rev. 2002 May
Armon Manufacturing Company 1996 June
Armstrong family 2006 March
Armstrong Park 2005 May
Armstrong, C. B.    2005 May
Armstrong, C. B. (photograph of the home of C. B. Armstrong) 2001 August
Armstrong, Charles B., Sheriff (photograph) 2003 June
Armstrong, Mattie (photograph) 1999 July
Ashley Arms (photograph) 2007 May
Atkins, J. W. (photograph) 2000 August
Avery, Flossie (photograph) 1999 July

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