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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: W


W. C. Friday Institute for Leadership 2007 March
Waldrep, C. L. "Sarge," Sheriff (photograph) 2003 December
Waldrep, James A. and Margie Mincey 2003 December
Washington Furnace (photograph) 2005 January
Watermelon Feed, Orthopaedic Hospital (photograph) 2001 July
West, Rev.--Stanley Creek 1998 November
Whetstone Mountain, view of Bessemer City from-- (photograph) 2000 March
White Pines 1996 May
White, Hugh E. (1869-1939) (photograph) 2007 May
White, Hugh--architect 2005 December
White, James F., Sheriff 2003 February
White, James, Lt. 2006 October
White, Jim (photograph) 1997 August
White, R. A., Sheriff (image of tax receipt with his name) 2003 March
Whitehurst, Joe R. 1997 July
Whitehurst, Lida Ormand (photograph) 1997 July
Whitesides, Wiley 1997 March
Wiggins, Ella May 2001 April
Wilkins, Sam, Dr. 1997 June
Wilkinson Boulevard 1996 December
Williams, Charlie (photograph) 1999 July
Wilson, Rev.--Stanley Creek 1998 November
Wilson, T. W. 1997 May
Wilson, Thomas W. 2001 Front Cover
Wilson, W. M. 1999 Front Cover
Wilson, William Joseph (photo of the William Joseph Wilson House) 2002 January
Wise, Barbara 2002 February
Withers family 1996 November
Withers, Bessie Ella 2003 August
Witten Supply Company 1997 May
Wolfe, Anna D., Miss 1998 Front Cover
Wolfe, Carl, Dr. 1998 Front Cover
Wood, Birt (photograph) 1997 August
Wright, Raleigh (photograph) 1999 July
Wright, Raleigh, Mrs. (photograph) 1999 July

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