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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: L


Lackey, Dorcas 2004 November
Lane, John 2003 May
Langtry, Lily 1999 April
Latta, Cecilia 2004 November
Leeper family 2006 March
Leventis, Chris 1999 September
Leventis, P. P. 1999 September
Lewis family 2006 May
Library, Bicycle Lending 1997 October
Lincoln Academy 2007 November
Lincoln Academy  1999 June
Lincoln Academy  2007 February 
Lincoln Academy  2007 October
Lincoln Academy, Swimming Pool (photograph) 1996 October
Lincoln, Abraham 2002 March
Lindsay, Archie T., Dr. 1998 October
Lineberger family 1996 November
Lineberger family 2006 April
Lineberger family 2006 May
Lineberger, A. C. (photograph of the A. C. Lineberger House) 2005 November
Lineberger, A. C.--House 2005 Inside Back
Lineberger, Caleb (photograph of the Caleb Lineberger House) 2002 June
Lineberger, Catherine 2003 January
Lineberger, Eli Pinkney, Sheriff (photograph) 2003 September
Linen Thread Company 1996 June
Linwood College 2007 February 
Linwood College--(photograph of Gaston Hall only)--Crowders Mountain 1998 October
Lions Club 2004 December
liquor 2003 April
Little, Marcus Lafayette 1998 Front Cover
Loftin, Alonzo Kelly, Sheriff 2003 May
Loftin, Langdon and Cenie Link 2003 May
Lonegan, William 1997 February
Lonegan, William 2004 March
Long, Ace (photograph) 1997 August
Longergan, William 2006 March
Loray Café (photograph) 2000 Front Cover 
Loray Mill 2001 April
Loray Mill strike 2003 September
Loray Square--circa 1926 (photograph) 2000 Front Cover 
Loray Theatre (photograph) 2000 Front Cover 
Love family 2006 April
Love, John F. 2001 April
Love, R. C. G. 1997 May
Love, S. W. and Margaret Ann Torrence 2003 May
Love, W. S. 1999 Front Cover
Love, W. T. (photograph) 2003 May
Lowry, Samuel, Judge 2004 October
Lyric Theatre (postcard) 2001 September

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