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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: R


Rafter family 2006 March
Railway, Atlanta and Charlotte Airline (drawing of Diamond Stack, 1877) 1996 April
Rankin family 2006 April
Rankin, Caroline 2003 January
Rankin, J. B., Col. 2004 November
Rankin, Wiley T. 2001 April
Rankin-Armstrong Furniture Co. 2001 August
Rash, Dorcas (photograph) 1999 July
Rash, Lida (photograph) 1999 July
Rash, Mr. (photograph) 1999 July
Ratchford Home (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Crown (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Ernest (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, George (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Jasper (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, John (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Mary Dicey 2007 August
Ratchford, Price (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Roy (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Walter (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Winfield and Letitia Jenkins  (photograph) 1999 March
Ratchford, Zeb (photograph) 1999 March
Reed Hall (photograph) 1996 October
Regan, Caldwell 2000 June
Reid, James William (1816-1894) (photograph) 2007 August
Rhodes, Jacob 2006 June
Rhodes, Mary 2002 June
Rhyne family 2006 May
Rhyne Hall (photograph) 2000 October
Rhyne Store 2005 Inside Back
Rhyne Store (photograph) 2005 April
Rhyne, A. P., office of 2000 October
Rhyne, Abel Peterson 2004 February
Rhyne, Daniel Efird, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 February
Rhyne, George Robert, Sheriff (photograph) 2003 August
Rhyne, George Robert, Sheriff (photograph) 2003 September
Rhyne, Maggie 2003 July
Rhyne, Miles A. and Elmina Clemmer  2003 August
Rhyne, Moses H.      2005 April
Rhyne, Moses H. and Margaret Hoffman 2004 February
Rhyne, Robert D., Sheriff (image of tax receipt with his name) 2003 March
Rhyne, Thomas 2002 July
Rhyne, Thomas (photograph of the Thomas Rhyne Home) 2002 February
Rhyne, Thomas--House 2005 Inside Back
Richards family 2006 November
Richards, N. 2003 March
Ricks, Walter Edward, Rev. (photograph) 1999 June
Riverbend Steam Station 2006 September
Roberts, John H. (photograph of the John Roberts Home) 2002 October
Roberts, W. M., Mrs., Memorial Garden  2004 December
Robinson, Clyde O., Sheriff (photograph) 2003 October
Robinson, Clyde, Sheriff 2003 November
Robinson, Michael David and Della Stroup 2003 October
Robinson-Gardner Building 2005 Inside Back
Roosevelt, Franklin D., President (Orthopedic Hospital) 2001 July
Roosevelt, Franklin D., President (Orthopedic Hospital) 2004 December
Royster, Esper (photograph) 1999 February
Rudisill, Philip 2002 May
Russell, Charles B. and Helen Hamilton 2003 December
Russell, Leroy, Sheriff (photograph) 2003 December
Ryan family 2006 March

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