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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: D


D. A. Tompkin's Company 2004 July
Dallas, George Miffin, Vice President of the United States 2004 January
Dallas, North Carolina Historical Roadside Marker (photograph) 2004 January
Daniel, Alice G. 1998 November
Davenport, A. W.--House 2005 Inside Back
Davidson, William, Dr. 2004 November
Davis, Mr. 2000 October
Davis, Oliver Wiley and Janet Williams Bradley 2003 July
Davis, W. Neal, Sheriff (photograph) 2003 July
Deaton, Rev.--Dallas, N.C. 1998 November
Dellinger, Joseph (photograph) 1997 August
Depot, Cherryville--1922 (photograph)  1999 December
Diamond Stack, 1877 (drawing) 1996 April
Dickson Old Field 2004 April
Dickson, Joseph, General, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 April
distillery 2003 April
distillery 2003 February
doctor, female--Gaston County--Dr. Bessie Violet Puett 1997 June
dog, police--"Bear" 2003 December
Dorian, Sylvester (photograph) 1999 April
Duffy family 2006 March
Duke Power Company 2004 July
Duke, James B. 2004 July
Duncan, Isadora 1999 April
Dunn, Charles 2005 May
Durham, Stonwelwall Jackason 1998 July

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