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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: T


Tate, Thomas 1996 June
tax receipt, A. W. Carpenter and George W. McKee 2003 February
tax receipt, A. W. Carpenter and R. A. White (image) 2003 March
tax receipt, A. W. Carpenter and Robert D. Rhyne (image) 2003 March
tax receipt, A. W. Carpenter and W. Clay Abernethy (image) 2003 April
Taylor, Broadus (photograph) 1999 July
Taylor, C. B. (photograph) 1999 July
Taylor, Ernest (photograph) 1999 July
Taylor, Fred (photograph) 1999 July
Taylor, Mary Neal (photograph) 1999 July
Teacherage--Lowell--built in 1924 (photograph) 1998 January
theatre, Center 2001 September
Theatre, Loray (photograph) 2000 Front Cover 
Theatre, Lyric (postcard) 2001 September
theatre, Webb 2001 September
Thomas, Ella 2003 September
Thompkins, D. A. 1997 January
Tinkham, Rebecca Warren 2004 July
Tiny Tim Society 2004 December
Torrence, Delia 2004 November
Torrence, Forest 2001 April
Trakas, Andrew S. 1999 September
Trakas, Chris  1999 September
Trakas, George S. 1999 September
Trakas, Michael S. 1999 September
Trantham, Cole (photograph) 1999 July
Trantham, Lillian (photograph) 1999 July
truck, La France 1997 March
Tryon County Courthouse marker (photograph) 2000 August
Tryon County Declaration of Rights 2000 August
Tryon County, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 August
Tryon, William, Governor 2004 August
Turrentine, Rev.--Charlotte 1998 November

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