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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: O


Oak Grove, Historical Marker (photograph)  2004 November
O'Connell, J. J., Dr. 1998 June
O'Connell, J. J., Dr. 2004 May
O'Connell, J. J., Father 2001 May
Old Furnace Foundation 1997 July
Oliver, Fred 1997 January
Ormand Family Reunion 1997 July
Ormand Furnace 2005 Inside Back
Ormand Furnace (drawing) 1997 July
Ormand Furnace (photograph) 2005 January
Ormand, Benjamin 1997 July
Ormand, Benjamin 1997 September
orphanage, Greek Orthodox Church--same building used for Gaston Hall 1998 October
Orthopaedic Hospital Watermelon Feed (photograph) 2001 July
Orthopaedic Hospital, North Carolina (photograph) 1996 July
Orthopedic Hospital, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 December

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