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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: P


Pappas, Andrew S. 1999 September
Parade, Cotton Festival (photograph) 2000 June
Park, Karyae (photograph) 1999 September
Pasour, Eli (photograph) 1998 August
Pasour, Hersila Rhodes, Miss 1998 August
Peach, Thelma Carrigan (photograph) 1999 July
Peeler, Coleen H. Cloninger, Mayor of Dallas (1985-1997)(photograph) 2007 September
Pendergast, John 1997 February
Penegar, Richard and Lucy 2002 January
Perkins, Virginia 2003 November
Petchios, John 1999 September
Peterson family 1996 November
Pfeiffer University 2007 February 
Phillipsburg, N.C. 2000 January
Piccard, Auguste 1999 April
Piedmont Council Service Center 2007 November
Pinchback, John A. 2000 March
Post Office, Gastonia (photograph) 2001 June
Post Office, Hoylesville (photograph) 2002 December
Prendergast, John 2004 March
Protestant denominations 2006 June
Provincial Congress at Halifax 2004 November
Prudden Hall (photograph) 1996 October
Prudden, Emily Catherine (photograph) 2007 February 
Pruden, Emily, Miss (photograph) 1996 October
Puett (Jones), Bess, Dr. (photograph) 2007 July
Puett, Bessie Violet, Dr. (photograph) 1997 June
Puett, Corrine, Miss 1998 Front Cover
Puett, Elizabeth Froneberger 1997 June
Puett, John Collier 1997 June
Puett, John Collier 2007 July
Puett, Mary Elizabeth Froneberger 2007 July
Puett, Minnie Stowe (photograph) 1999 October
Pursley, Rachel 1999 Front Cover

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