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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: M


Main Street--Cherryville--1910 (photograph) 1996 May
Mann, Emma Twitty 1997 October
Mann, Jethro R., Sr. (photograph) 1997 October
Manville-Jenckes Company 2001 April
Marvin, Helen Rhyne (1918-2006) (photograph) 2007 January
Mary Help 2001 May
Mary Help 2004 May
Mason, Lawson A., Sheriff  (photograph) 2003 January
Masonic Temple 2005 Inside Back
Masonic Temple 2000 May
Mauney, Avery "Big Ave" 2002 November
Mauney, Christian 2000 August
Mauney, Christian 2004 August
Mauney, F. U. 1997 March
Maymont 2007 June
mayor of Gastonia, first black 2007 December
Mayors, female 2007 September
Mays, J. H. 2007 June
Maysworth 2007 June
McAdenville, Flood, July 1916 (photograph) 1997 November
McCarver family 2006 May
McDowell, Henry C., Reverend Dr. (photograph) 2007 October
McGinnis, E. Lee 2003 October
McGinnis, Wilkie A., Sheriff (photograph) 2003 October
McKee, G. W. 2003 March
McKee, George W., Sheriff  (image of tax receipt with his name) 2003 February
McKee, James 2006 January
McLean, John D., Dr. (photograph of the Dr. John D. McLean House) 2005 March
McLean, John D., Dr., and Martha Biggers 2003 July
McLean, John D., Dr.--House 2005 Inside Back
McLean, John Davidson Brevard, Sheriff (photograph) 2003 July
McLean, William B., Dr. 2004 November
McLean, William, Dr. 2005 March
McWhorter, Alexander 1998 March
Memorial Garden, Mrs. W. M. Roberts 2004 December
Mill Village Scene, Gastonia (picture shows homes rented to employees) 2001 March
Mill, Firestone (photograph) 2001 April
Mill, Gastonia Cotton Manufacturing Co. (photograph) 1997 May
Mill, High Shoals Manufacturing (photograph) 1997 January
Mill, Loray 2001 April
Mill, Morowebb--Dallas (photograph) 1999 July
Mill, Mount Holly Cotton 2005 Inside Back
Mill, Mount Holly Cotton (photograph) 2005 July
Mill, Mountain Island    1997 November
Mill, Mountain Island  (drawing of Mt. Island Manufacturing Company) 1996 June
Mill, Old Baker's (photograph of Company Store) 2000 January
Mill, Old--Gastonia 1997 May
Mill, Woodlawn "Pinhook" 2002 June
Miller family 2006 March
Miller, O. L., surgeon 2004 December
Miller, R. M., Jr. 1997 January
Milligan family 2006 March
miners, Irish immigrant gold 2004 March
Moore, Helen (photograph) 1999 July
Moore, J. D. 1997 May
Moore, Miles (photograph) 1999 July
Morowebb Mill--Dallas (photograph) 1999 July
Morris, Benjamin, Sheriff 2003 January
Morris, Vincent and Margaret Hunt 2003 January
Moss, Bobby Gilmer 2004 October
Mountain Island Dam, construction of--April 1923 (photograph) 2000 April
Mountain Island Dam, Gaston County (drawing) 2001 February
Mountain Island Manufacturing Company (photograph) 1996 June
Mountain View Hotel and Cottages (original stationary, 1886) 1997 Front Cover
Mountainview, N.C. 2000 January
Mt. Holly Steam Plant Station (photograph) 1999 May
Mt. Holly, 1907 (photograph) 2000 October
Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Winston-Salem, NC 2002 July
Museum, Gaston County, of Art and History 2002 November
Museum, Schiele 2007 November

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