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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: C


Cafe, Loray 2000 Front Cover 
Cahill family 2006 March
Caldwell, S. P., Captain 1998 June
Caldwell, S. P., Captain 2001 May
Caldwell, S. P., Captain 2004 May
Camp Bud Schiele 2007 November
Campo, John--Union soldier 1996 August
Cannon, John, Bishop 2003 August
Carpenter family 2006 May
Carpenter, A. W. (image of tax receipt with his name) 2003 April
Carpenter, A. W. (image of tax receipt with his name) 2003 February
Carpenter, Andrew (photograph of the Andrew Carpenter House) 2005 February
Carpenter, Andrew--House 2005 Inside Back
Carpenter, Andrew--House (photograph of Andrew Carpenter House) 2000 November
Carpenter, Clyde 1997 March
Carpenter, Hubert (photograph) 1999 February
Carpenter, Michael (photograph) 1997 August
Carrigan, Andy (photograph) 1999 July
Carrigan, Fred (photograph) 1999 July
Carrigan, Sam (photograph) 1999 July
Carroll, John and Katharine Jane Neill 2003 August
Carroll, Joseph Wylie,Sheriff (photograph) 2003 August
Catawba Electric Power Company 1996 June
Cathcart Hall (photograph) 1996 October
Cathcart, Lillian S., Miss (photograph) 1996 October
Catholicism, Gaston County 2004 March
Cemeteries, Gaston County's Historical (map) 2006 Inside Back
Cemetery, Flat Rock (photograph) 2006 August
Cemetery, Goshen Presbyterian Church (photograph) 2006 April
Cemetery, Goshen--1950's (photograph) 2002 Front Cover
Cemetery, Kastner "Costner" Burying Ground (photograph) 2002 May
Cemetery, Lineberger - Henderson - Cannon (photograph) 2006 September
Cemetery, Long Creek Memorial Baptist Church (photograph) 2006 February
cemetery, Long Creek Presbyterian 1997 September
Cemetery, Long Creek Presbyterian Church (photograph) 2006 October
Cemetery, Lutheran Chapel (photograph) 2006 May
Cemetery, New Hope (photograph) 2006 January
Cemetery, Old Philadelphia Lutheran (photograph) 2002 May
Cemetery, Olney (photograph) 2006 December
Cemetery, Pinhook (photograph) 2006 November
Cemetery, Pisgah (photograph) 2006 July
Cemetery, St. Joseph's (photograph) 2006 March
Cemetery, Union Presbyterian Church (photograph) 2006 June
Chapel of Mary Help of the Christians 1998 June
Chapel of Mary Help of the Christians 2004 May
Cherry, Chancellor Lafayette 2007 April
Cherry, Hattie Davis 2007 April
Cherry, R. Gregg, Governor (1891-1957) (photograph) 2007 April
Cherry, Robert Gregg, Gov., Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 June
Cherryville Depot--1922 (photograph) 1999 December
Cherryville High School Baseball Team (photograph) 1999 February
Cherryville History Museum 1996 May
china cabinet, Peter Eddleman 2002 July
Chronicle, William, Major, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 October
Chryst's Church 1996 November
Church of Christ, First Congregational United-Crowders Mountain (photograph) 1998 September
Church, Bethel Lutheran   2005 Inside Back
Church, Bethel Lutheran (photograph) 2005 September
Church, Christ's Lutheran--Stanley (photograph) 1996 November
Church, Crowders Creek ARP (drawing) 1999 Front Cover
church, Ebenezer Baptist--Kings Mountain 1998 April
Church, First Associate Reformed Presbyterian (photograph) 2001 October
Church, First Congregational 1996 October
Church, First United Methodist--Bessemer City (photograph) 1998 July
Church, Goshen Presbyterian   2002 Front Cover
Church, Goshen Presbyterian (photograph) 1998 March
Church, Greek Orthodox 1998 October
Church, J.M. Odell Memorial Methodiats 1998 July
Church, Kastner's 2002 May
Church, Long Creek Baptist 2004 January
Church, Long Creek Presbyterian    2005 Inside Back
Church, Long Creek Presbyterian (photograph) 1997 September
Church, Long Creek Presbyterian (photograph) 2005 June
Church, Lutheran Chapel 2004 February
Church, Main Street Methodist 1997 December
Church, Mount Olivet Methodist 2005 Inside Back
Church, New Hope Presbyterian (photograph) 2006 January
Church, Old Hebron Baptist 2006 August
Church, Olney Presbyterian 2006 December
Church, Pisgah 1999 Front Cover
Church, Pisgah  1997 September
Church, Pisgah ARP   2006 July
Church, Pisgah ARP--Crowder's Mountain (photograph) 1996 March 
Church, Saints Mary and Joseph 1997 February
church, Springfield Baptist--Stanley 1998 April
Church, St. Joseph Catholic (photograph) 1997 February
Church, St. Joseph's Catholic 2005 Inside Back
Church, St. Joseph's Catholic 2006 March
Church, St. Joseph's Catholic, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 March
Church, St. Mark's Episcopal 2001 October
Church, Unity Presbyterian  2004 November
Clark, Willie 2003 July
Cloninger, Bruce 2004 December
Cloninger, Gail Rhyne Brotherton, Mayor of Stanley (1989-1997) (photo) 2007 September
Cloninger, Stella (photograph) 1999 July
Cloninger, Walt  (photograph) 1999 July
Cloninger, Walt, Mrs. (photograph) 1999 July
Cocker Machine 2001 August
College, Belmont Abbey 1998 June
College, Belmont Abbey 2001 May
College, Belmont Abbey, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 May
College, Gaston (photograph) 1998 Front Cover
College, Gaston Female 1998 Front Cover
College, Gaston Female 2004 January
College, Lenoir-Rhyne 2004 February
College, Linwood  2007 February 
College, Linwood--(photograph of Gaston Hall only)--Crowders Mountain 1998 October
College, Sacred Heart (photograph) 2000 February
College, St. Mary's 2004 May
Collins, Romelle 2003 December
Commercial Bank and Trust Company of Gastonia 2001 June
Commercial Building, Gastonia (photograph) 2001 June
Communism 2001 April
Communism 2003 August
Confederate Monument, Gaston County Courthouse (postcard) 2001 November
Confederate Veterans--Gaston County (photograph) 1997 August
Conner, Harriet K. 2004 November
Constitutional Convention of Halifax 2004 November
Costner Cemetery (photograph) 2002 May
Costner, Ambrose 2004 February
Costner, J. E., Jr. 1997 March
Cotton Festival Parade (photograph) 2000 June
County Home   2005 Inside Back
County Home (photograph) 2005 October
court, Gaston County 2002 April
Courthouse Marker, Tryon County (photograph) 2000 August
Courthouse, Dallas 2004 January
Courthouse, Gaston County (postcard) 2001 November
Courthouse, Gaston County, Dallas (photograph) 1996 August
Courthouse, Gaston County, Gastonia (photograph) 1996 February
Courthouse, Gaston County--Dallas 2005 Inside Back
Coxe family 2006 March
Cozzens and Thomas, Proprietors (original stationary, 1886) 1997 Front Cover
Craig and Wilson 2001 August
Craig and Wilson Building (photograph) 2001 Front Cover
Craig, J. H. 1997 May
Craig, John H. 2005 August
Craig, T. L. 2001 Front Cover
Craig, T. L. (photograph of the home of T. L. Craig) 2001 August
Craig, William N. 2004 December
Cramer System of Air Conditioning 2007 June
Cramer, George Bennet 2004 July
Cramer, John Thomas 2004 July
Cramer, Katharine Hobart 2004 July
Cramer, Mary Jane Thomas 2004 July
Cramer, Stuart Warren (1868-1940) (photograph) 2007 June
Cramer, Stuart Warren, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 July
Cramer, Stuart Warren, Jr. 2004 July
Cramerton Dairy 2007 June
Cramerton, NC 2007 June
Crawford, J. A. 1999 Front Cover
Cronin, Father 2006 March
Cronin, T. J., Father 1997 February
Crowder, James (photograph) 1997 August
Crowders Mountain 1999 September
Cumings Hall (photograph) 1996 October

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