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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: F


Falls, G. W. 1999 Front Cover
Farley, Augustus (photograph) 1997 April
Farley, Jeannette Nantz 1997 April
Farrar, Joseph Johnson 2000 October
Feed store 1996 May
female doctor, Gaston County--Dr. Bessie Violet Puett 1997 June
Ferguson, Alfred 1999 Front Cover
Ferguson, Nancy 1999 Front Cover
Fire Department, Cherryville--1921 (photograph) 1997 March
Firestone Cotton Mill, Inc. 2001 April
Firestone Mill (photograph) 2001 April
Firestone Tire Company 2001 April
Fite family 2006 April
Fite, Nancy 2003 June
Fite, Wade (photograph containing Wade Fite barber shop) 2000 Front Cover 
Flood, July 1916, Gaston County (photograph) 2000 July
Flood, July 1916, McAdenville (photograph) 1997 November
Flynt Building and Construction Company, Palmer, Mass. 2001 April
Ford family 2006 November
Ford grave marker 2006 January
Friday, D. Lathan 2007 March
Friday, Grier (photograph) 1999 February
Friday, Mary Elizabeth Rowan 2007 March
Friday, William C., Dr. (1920-  ) (photograph) 2007 March
Froneberger, Paul, Sheriff 2003 January
Froneberger, William and Barbara Rhine 2003 January
Fulenwider, John   1997 July
Fulenwider, John, Historical Marker (photograph) 2004 September
Fulenwider's iron works 1997 January
furnace, Ormand (photograph) 2005 January
furnace, Washington (photograph) 2005 January
Furniture--Lane Furniture Company 2003 May

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