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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: S


Schiele, Rudolph M. "Bud" (photograph) 2007 November
School, Baker 1998 September
School, Black's--built in 1898 on land owned by John T. Black (photograph) 1998 February
school, C. F. Gingles 1998 April
School, Central Graded (photograph) 1998 May
School, Central Graded--Gastonia (photograph) 2001 January
School, Cherryville High--Baseball Team (photograph) 1999 February
school, Dallas 1998 April
school, Fancy Hill 1998 April
School, Gaston High 2004 January
School, Gaston High (photograph) 2007 May
School, Gastonia Central Elementary 2005 Inside Back
School, Gastonia Central Elementary (photograph) 2007 May
School, Gastonia High 2005 Inside Back
School, Highland   2007 December
school, Highland High 1998 April
School, Lincoln Academy 1996 October
School, Lowell Elementary 2006 November
School, McAdenville (photograph) 1998 December
school, Negro--first in Dallas, N.C.  1998 April
school, Oakland High 1998 May
School, Stanley Creek Institute (photograph) 1998 November
Self, George (photograph) 1997 August
Seller, Vance (photograph) 1999 February
Selph, Isick (photograph) 1997 August
Separk, Joseph (photograph) 1997 December
Separk, May Gray 1997 December
Setzer, Daniel (photograph of his store) 2000 May
Sheriffs of Gaston County 2003 Calendar
Shipp, William T. 2004 November
shrine, Catholic 2001 May
Shuford, Caroline 2004 November
Shuford, Jacob 2003 June
Shuford, Martin Hiram, Sheriff 2003 April
Shuford, Thomas E., Sheriff (photograph) 2003 June
Sigmon, Octa 2003 May
Sipe, Franklin Ciscaro (photograph) 1997 August
Sipe, Guy (photograph) 1999 February
Sisters of Mercy 2000 February
Sky Institute 2007 February 
Sloan, J. M., Dr. 2001 April
Smith family 2006 April
Smith family 2006 November
Smith, John A. 2000 March
Smith, Kate 2001 July
Smith, Katie 2003 January
Smith, Turner 2000 March
Smyre-Pasour House 2005 Inside Back
Smyre-Pasour House 2004 January
South Fork Boys 2004 October
South Fork Boys 2006 January
Spencer, Elihu 1998 March
St. George's picnic 1999 September
Stafford, Mildred 2004 June
Stafford, Mildred 2007 April
Standard Red Cedar Chest Company 2003 May
Stanley Creek Institute (photograph) 1998 November
Stanley Creek railroad sign (photograph) 1999 January
Stanley ladies posing around turn of 20th Century (photograph) 1999 January
Steam Station, Mt. Holly (photograph) 1999 May
Stewart, Steve 1998 November
Stinson family 2006 November
Store, Belk's (postcard) 2001 September
Store, Daniel Setzer (photograph) 2000 May
store, Eagles 2001 September
Store, Holland Drug 2000 October
store, Kress 5 & 10 2001 September
Store, Old Baker's Mill Company (photograph) 2000 January
Store, Raylass Department (postcard) 2001 September
Store, Smith's Cut Rate Drugs (postcard) 2001 September
Stowe family 2006 April
Stowe Manor, Belmont (photograph) 2007 May
Stowe, Cora Clemmer Lewis (photograph) 1999 July
Stowe, Daniel J. 1999 October
Stroup family 1996 November
Stroup, Abram 1996 August
Stroup, Cephas (photograph of the Cephas Stroup House) 2005 May
Stroup, Cephas--House 2005 Inside Back
Stroup, Horace (photograph) 1997 August
Stroup, Moses 2003 April
Stroup, Rush (photograph) 1999 February
Stroup, Vic (photograph) 1999 February
Stultz, Jennifer Thomas, Mayor of Gastonia (1999-  ) (photograph) 2007 September
Sweetlands 2001 September

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