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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: B


Babington, R. B. 2001 July
Babington, Robert B. 1996 July
Babington, Robert Benjamin 2004 December
Baird, Sarah 2002 January
Baker, P. S. 2000 January
Ballard, George (photograph) 1999 July
Bank of Commerce, National (postcard) 2001 September
Bank, Third National, of Gastonia 2001 June
barber shop, Wade Fite (photograph) 2000 Front Cover 
barn, Andrew R. Henderson (early 1930's photograph of his barn) 1999 August
Barnette, Berry (photograph) 1997 August
Baseball Team, Cherryville High School (photograph) 1999 February
Battle of Kings Mountain 2004 October
Beach, Vernon 1997 March
Beachamp, A. J. (photograph) 1999 July
Beale, Fred 2001 April
Beam, Dwight L., Sheriff (photograph) 2003 November
Beam, Frank L. and Sally Baxter  2003 November
Bell, Delia (photograph) 1999 July
Belmont Abbey (photograph) 1998 June
Belmont Abbey (photograph) 2001 May
Belmont Street Scene, 1929 (photograph) 2000 September
Bernhardt, Sarah 1999 April
Berry, Bertha Hobart 2004 July
Bessemer City, View from Whetstone Mountain (photograph) 2000 March
Best, Sebastian 1996 September
Beta Sigma Phi 2000 June
Bicycle Lending Library 1997 October
Biggerstaff, Mary Etta 2003 July
Black, Ben (photograph) 1997 August
Black, Ephriam (photograph) 1997 August
Black, Joe (photograph) 1997 August
Black, John F.--Black's School--Cherryville (photograph) 1998 February
Blackwood, Joseph 1997 September
Blackwood, Joseph, tombstone of 2006 October
Boggs, Jay (photograph) 1999 February
Boxer Rebellion 2001 April
Boy Scouts of America 2007 November
Boyce, E. E., Dr. 1999 Front Cover
Boyce, Jessamine 2000 June
Bradley, Roland, Mayor 2007 December
Brainerd Institute, Chester, South Carolina 2007 February 
Brevard Station 1999 January
Brevard, Ephraim Alexander 1996 November
Brevard, Robert   2003 January
Brevard, Robert Alfred 1996 November
bridge, Highway 7--Belmont 1912 (photograph) 1996 December
Bull Durham sign, 1910 (photograph) 1996 May
Bulwinkle, A. L. 1998 Front Cover
Burns, I. M. 1997 March
Byers, Jane 2004 November

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