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Gaston County Historical Society Calendar INDEX: 1996 - 2007: H


Haid, Lee, Father 2004 May
Haid, Leo, Father 1998 June
Hallman, John (photograph) 1997 August
Hallman, Oliver (photograph) 1997 August
Ham, Dora 2003 November
Hambright, Fredrick, Col., Chapter of DAR 2000 August
Hand family 2006 March
Hanks, James 2002 March
Hanks, Josephine 2005 May
Hanks, Martha J. 2002 April
Hanks, Mary Starrett 2002 March
Hanks, Nancy 2002 March
Hanks, Richard "Dicky"   2002 April
Hanks, Richard "Dicky" (photograph of Dicky Hanks Cabin and Marker) 2002 March
Happoldt, Laura E. 2004 November
Happy Home Plantation (photograph) 2005 February
Harrelson, Hillard (photograph) 1999 February
Harris family 2006 November
Hartsell family 1999 August
Hartsoe, Paul (photograph) 1997 August
Hastings, Ida (photograph) 1999 July
Hawkins family 2006 March
Hayes, Albert (photograph) 1999 July
Heavener, George Teet (photograph) 1997 August
Heavner, Big George (photograph) 1997 August
Heavner, John (photograph) 1997 August
Helms, John 2006 November
Helms, Persey (photograph) 1999 February
Henderson, Andrew R. (early 1930's photograph of his barn) 1999 August
Henry, James, Pvt. 2006 October
Hensley, Isaac (photograph) 1999 July
High Shoals Iron Works 2004 September
High Shoals Manufacturing (photograph) 1997 January
Highway 7 Bridge--Belmont 1912 (photograph) 1996 December
Hoey, Clyde R., Governor 2000 June
Hoffman family 2006 May
Hoffman Hotel 2004 January
Hoffman Hotel 2005 Inside Back
Hoffman, Miles Laban 1998 November
Holland Hotel 2004 January
Holland, Andrew 2002 April
Holland, Britt (photograph) 1999 April
Holland, Claudius D. 1999 April
Holland, Ephriam B., Dr. 1999 April
Holland, George, Dr. 1998 Front Cover
Holland, Isaac, II 1999 November
Holland, Jesse    2004 January
Holland, Jesse (photograph of the Jesse Holland House) 2002 April
Holland, Nancy Jane 1999 November
Holland, Rebecca 2003 January
Holland, Washington Frenau 2004 January
Hook, C. C. 2005 November
Horne, Judy, Mayor of Lowell (2003-  ) (photograph) 2007 September
Horseshoe Bend Beach 2006 September
Hospital, Orthopaedic, North Carolina (photograph) 1996 July
Hospital, Orthopaedic, Watermelon Feed (photograph) 2001 July
Hotel, All Healing Mineral Springs Resort (original stationary, 1886) 1997 Front Cover
Hotel, Hoffman 2004 January
Hotel, Holland 2004 January
Hotel, Mountain View 1997 Front Cover
House, The Andrew Carpenter 2000 November
Houser, Lawson (photograph) 1997 August
Howell family 2006 November
Howell, Ida 2007 March
Hoyle Family Homestead Association 1996 September
Hoyle Family House  2005 Inside Back
Hoyle Historic Homestead 2002 September
Hoyle, Andrew 2002 December
Hoyle, Catherine Dales 2002 September
Hoyle, Ed 1997 March
Hoyle, Eli--House 2005 Inside Back
Hoyle, Peter 2002 December
Hoyle, Peter  (photograph of the Peter Hoyle House) 2002 September
Hoyle, Peter (photo of Peter Hoyle House, Dallas-Stanley Highway) 1996 September
Hoyle, Peter and Catherine Dales 1996 September
Huffsteller family 2006 November
Huffstetler family 2006 November
Humphreys, Henry 1996 June
Hunter, Humphrey, Rev. 1998 March

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