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Gastonia Gazette World War II Soldier INDEX: Home

Gastonia Gazette World War II Soldiers INDEX

The Gastonia Gazette World War II Soldier INDEX is an alphabetical by last name index to Gaston County soldiers found in the pages of the Gastonia Gazette newspaper.
The Gazette issues included in this index occur during the following World War II War Loan Drive dates:

Third War Loan
Sept 9, 1943 - October 2, 1943.

Fourth War Loan
January 18, 1944 -  February 15, 1944.

Fifth War Loan
June 12, 1944 - July 8, 1944

The Gastonia Gazette newspaper promoted the War Loan Drives by publishing content about soldiers sometimes including their photograph. The issues published during these fund raising drives provide valuable biographical information about the (then current) status of soldiers serving in World War II.


The status of each soldier in this index is indicated by one of the following abbreviations.

[OBIT] obituary, [NEWS] news, [POW] prisoner of war, [MIA] missing in action, [KIA] killed in action, [DNB] died non-battle, [DOW] died of wound, [W] wounded, or [ENL] enlisted.

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