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Gastonia Gazette World War II Soldier INDEX: O


Oakley, James H., Lt.   1943 Oct 7 6 NEWS No
Outzs, Charles, sailor Ranlo 1944 Jan 27 8 NEWS No
Ouzts, Robert L., Seaman 2/C   1943 Oct 13 10 NEWS Yes
Ouzts, Robert Lee, Seaman 1/C Ranlo 1944 Mar 8 2 KIA No
Owen, David. Pfc   1944 July 5 5 W No
Owen, Oletus L., Pfc.   1944 August 4 7 KIA Yes
Owens, Oletus, Pfc. Cramerton 1944 August 9 2 KIA No
Owensby, John C., Pvt.   1944 Jan 20 11 NEWS No

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